2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Vw Study GT Up! is small and fast

Published by Andrew Christian @andrew4wheels Google+ | Wednesday September 14, 2011

2011 Frankfurt Motor Show: Vw Study GT Up! is small and fast

Volkswagen will offer the new up! fitted with engines that provide power that could go as high as just 55 kW / 75 PS, which is a sensible range considering that the up! is generally driven in urban areas. However, the design of the vehicle could handle more power -- and can be desirable -- and this might be evident in the highly dynamic GT up! – the agile up! for the fast roads.

The relatively cheap GT up! weighs nearly 900 kg and has an engine that may attain a power of 100 PS. This is reminiscent of the styling of the ancestor of the sporty compact vehicle -- the first generation GTI.

When an I is added for injection, its identifier is talking about the Volkswagen icon. Meanwhile, the GT up! is competing on the same field. This concept vehicle is painted in sporty "oryx white pearl effect" color. The designers have completely revamped the front bumper and have made it completely different from the traditional up!

Instead of the centrally integrated and painted cross-wise component -- which is in metal color on the cross up! – the GT up! showcases a large, central cooling air intake with a grille in honeycomb look -- similar to the one on the Golf GTI. Moreover, there are two cooling air intakes for the brakes, and integrated in these openings are the wing-shaped LED daytime running lights.

The black door mirrors, 17-inch alloy wheels with 195 tires and the painted side sills are prominent on its sides. A roof edge spoiler produces incredible downforce at the rear axle. Meanwhile, powerful sound is produced by a double flow exhaust system with two visible chrome tailpipes, one on each side.

When it comes to ergonomics, the GT up! projects a vibrant image with its anthracite colored interior. Providing a contrast to the anthracite are the "paint blue" rings around the air vent nozzles and the centre seat panels with their blue checked pattern. The upper door trim panels and dashboard are painted in a sophisticated glossy black, coordinated with the black roof liner.