AMG to show the ‘baby SLS’ at the 2012 Frankfurt Motor Show

Published by Andrew Christian @andrew4wheels Google+ | Monday January 16, 2012

AMG to show the ‘baby SLS’ at the 2012 Frankfurt Motor Show

The compact AMG sports car that was known as SLV (V for variable body styles) will appear later this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This car uses an AMG badge instead of Mercedes-Benz in the same manner that an SRT badge is used by the new Viper instead of Dodge. There would be just two seats for the two-door AMG sports car. It’s expected to be a fierce rival to the third-generation Porsche Boxster and Cayman.

Having a smaller footprint will boost the handling of the AMG model, says MotorTrend. Having a downsized engine will result to better mileage than the 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, which has 14/20 mpg city/highway EPA ratings, making it subject to a $1700 gas-guzzler tax.

Pricing has yet to be revealed. It’s believed that this more maneuverable AMG car is being built because of the need to amortize the investment in the SLS AMG’s aluminum spaceframe architecture but it’s possible that there will be more performance versions.

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