2010 Vw Polo BlueMotion pricing announced

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 25, 2010

Unveiled for the first time back in March at the Geneva Motor Show, the Vw Polo BlueMotion is now available for order as the world's most fuel-efficient five-seater, with only 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres. According to the German manufacturer, the Polo BlueMotion is available with a starting price of 16,500 Euros.

Under the hood, we find and advanced version of the three-cylinder TDI engine with 75 PS / 55 kW capable to deliver, as we said, a fuel consumption of just 3.3 litres per 100 km and 87 g/km of CO2.

Some of the and high-tech components to attain these top-notch low values include Stop-Start system and energy recovery by regenerative braking but also the total weight of just 1,150 kilograms.

Moreover, a nearly closed-off radiator grille and underbody panels designed according to aerodynamic principles and 15-inch "Greenland" type alloy wheels with low rolling resistance tyres make their thing to reduce the fuel consumption.

Some of the standard features of the Polo BlueMotion include cruise control system, leather-trimmed steering wheel and gearshift grip, tyre pressure indicator, front fog lights, sporty styling of front and rear bumpers and outside mirror housings as well as door handles painted in body colour.

Volkswagen recently held a press presentation for its Polo BlueMotion in Hanover showcasing its fuel efficiency. As proof, the brand revealed how driving the Polo BlueMotion for 100 kilometers will only cost around 3.50 Euros in fuel.

This means that if one were to take a drive from Hanover to Venice, the whole 1,148-kilometer travel would only amount to 40 Euros. Now the German Federal Bureau of Statistics states that the average German travels 11,000 kilometers annually.

This means that for those who own a Polo BlueMotion, they would spend only 385 Euros in fuel per year which is equivalent to about eight fill-ups. The first generation of the brand’s Polo BlueMotion was first released in 2006. At that time, its fuel consumption was measured to be 3.9 liters for every 100 kilometers.

As a result, Volkswagen’s five-seater the best when it comes to fuel economy. Since then, the term "BlueMotion" has been associated with being the best environmental label for the German automotive industry. In addition to displaying its fuel economy, Volkswagen also released its successful "BlueMotion-Technologies" brand which lauds itself for its uniqueness.

Press Release

Vw Polo BlueMotion

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, the second generation of this trendsetter, with a combined fuel consumption of just 3.3 litres diesel (equivalent to 87 g/km CO2!) per 100 kilometres, is aiming to become the "3-litre fuel economy car" of the modern era and the most economical five-seater in the world. Its 45 litre fuel tank enables a theoretical driving range of 1,363 kilometres! This makes the commute to work, driving holiday or long weekend affordable again.

A person driving from Hanover - the site of the press presentation for the new Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion - to Venice can cover the 1,148 kilometre journey for just 40 Euros in fuel costs. That is because 100 kilometres cost just 3.50 Euros in the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion. Another measure of cost effectiveness: according to the German Federal Bureau of Statistics, the average German car driver covers a total of 11,000 kilometres per year. For VW Polo BlueMotion owners this means that they only require eight fill-ups per year at a fuel cost of 385 Euros.

"BlueMotion" is the best known German automotive environmental label. It debuted in 2006 with the first generation of the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, and its combined fuel con sumption figure of just 3.9 litres per 100 kilometres was the best in the world for a five-seat car. At the same time, this Volkswagen Polo represented the beginning of a product offensive being conducted today under the "BlueMotion-Technologies" umbrella brand, which is as unique as it is successful.

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