2012 Audi Q3 gets new inlays made of wood and aluminum materials

Article by Christian A., on July 19, 2011

Audi has been offering numerous customization options for the A1 and now, it offers the same for the Q3. Contrary to what Audi wants customers to believe, its interiors aren’t quite that edgy or exciting. In fact, they use a lot of grays and blacks on their sedans for executives and families. But now, Audi wants to liven up its little crossover by using platinum or truffle beige inlays as standard.

The Colour and Trim Team have developed additional options for owners that want a boost.

A dark brown larch wood inlay is the first new trim piece. Team member Rosalie Schrader said that Audi seeks to give a “strong aesthetic” to both the exterior and interior. To make the vehicle have its “very own soul,” the wood was left in a more natural state and was somewhat rougher.

Audi compared the early wood, which has slightly raised stripes, to the late wood, which is harder and has deeper stripes. But for those who think that fin wood is too old-fashioned, Audi also offers a 3D aluminum mesh material. This mesh is built from brushed aluminum and stamped with a tiny honeycomb pattern.

This mesh is then backed with a white holographic-surfaced material. Susanne Stobe, Head of the Color and Trim Team, said that with this design, Audi hopes to merge two technically sophisticated surfaces in order to build a totally new look.

Audi will soon be unveiling the Audi Q3 as its first entry in the SUV market category. The first class SUV is also best described as a compact all-around vehicle. It flashes a sporty yet functional style that can adapt easily whether taken on the road or off-road driving.

Each brand-new piece of the Q3 boasts of Audi’s luxury and technology standards. With this in mind, Audi came up with a more impressive multimedia system assistance, chassis, drivetrain and body.

The Q3 is very easy to spot out of the many vehicle models that Audi has produced over the years. Two of the most outstanding features of the Audi Q3 are the extremely flat D-line and significantly low roofline. Add to that the sharp edges around the body, the sophisticated arched metals; LED headlamps and taillights which overall creates an impression of elegance and functionality in one compact SUV.

The new Audi Q3 will arrive soon and will be offered in several variants. Special add-ons will also become available as well as two types of exterior set-up to choose from. For the body colour, the Q3 is said to be available in black or anthracite. To match the beauty inside and out, colourful choices of interiors are also available.

The first version of the SUV weighs a total of 3186lb. Majority of the body is built with steel and other highly safe and strong materials. Meanwhile, the hood and the tailgates are made with high-grade aluminum.

An Audi Q3 stands 5.22ft tall and measures 14.40ft in length and has an overall width of 6ft. The figures are very much alike to the typical size of a compact SUV. It has a remarkably low coefficient of drag at 0.32.

The new ergonomically designed SUV provides plenty of space for 5 passengers. As for the compartment, the new Audi Q3 can store a luggage capacity of up to 16.24 cu ft. or a maximum of 48.20 cu ft. when the seats are folded down. It’s also easier to access the compartment through a perfectly placed pass-through hatch.

All the standard equipment found on Audi vehicles are already built-in the Q3 such as the complete set of restraint system, air-conditioning unit as well as the audio system. It’s also hard to miss the power adjustable front seats, LED interior lighting, panoramic sunroof and Xenon powered beams and headlamps with adaptive lighting system. One of the standout characteristics of an Audi Q model is the broad taillights along the tailgate. This feature blends perfectly on the Q3’s rear as the lights go all the way to the pillars.

Driving has never been so convenient with Audi’s long list of driver assistance systems. The Q3 is also equipped with driver parking assistance, which requires little to no effort on the gas and brakes when parking into cramped parking lots. It can also detect if the driver is parking too close to the wall or if there are other unseen obstacles around the area. Meanwhile, the side assist helps in changing lanes easily while keeping the vehicle on the right lane with Audi’s active lane assist. Traffic signs are also detected via the speed limit display, making the Q3 a perfect companion to take to different places with any road condition.

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