2012 Bmw 6-Series Gran Coupe online configurator

Article by Christian Andrei, on December 13, 2011

BMW has unveiled the 6-Series Gran Coupe, its response to the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Audi A7, which won’t have the run of the market any longer. Some have expressed their dislike for BMW’s decision to use the 6-Series name but it can’t be argued that this car has excellent features, such as its powertrains and the AWD for the more robust petrol version. BMW already has an online configurator for its car, which it presented during the past weekend.

Pricing information hasn’t been announced yet. The available colors include several corporate ones that are to be expected.

However, there are two that are bound to attract a lot of attention: Alpine White and Imola Red. Aside from the standard model, the optional M Sport and Individual packages will also be offered from the launch.

The M look is apparent from its aero bits black-painted brake callipers, LED foglamps, and a sports exhaust system. If you want to design your own 6-Series Gran Coupe you can check out the configurator here.

Looking at how the interior of the BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe was designed, one can instantly see the perfect balance between dynamism, luxury, and elegance. This effectively draws attention to how the seating in the front and the rear come with a harmonious set-up. Since the cockpit is now more oriented towards the driver, the area where the front passenger is positioned has been wrapped in what can be described as elegantly curved surfaces.

Meanwhile the ample space offered by the passenger compartment in the set-back rear gives it that luxurious and refined comfort for whatever driving condition. Looking at its side, one will clearly be impressed with the graceful and low lines. By having the silhouette of the window extending more deeply into its C-pillar, its recessed passenger compartment has that smoothly stretched look and appears low.

By having no frames for the door windows, it was clear that one goal of the design was to make it a sporty Coupe. An interesting feature is that with the side windows being elongated, it ensures that the incidence of light is optimized and thus gives the interior that increased feeling of space. There is still that Hofmeister kink feature that goes to the C-pillars and then exclusively wraps that “Gran Coupe” lettering that has been embossed at the back of the glass and at the lower corners of its rear windows. This allows the model to show that remarkable elegance as well as personality.

Going to the rear, it is clear that there is a lower center of gravity and combining this with the V-shaped lines and the horizontal lines at the back provides hints on its dynamic elegance, and more importantly, its power.

The new 6-Series Gran Coupe also has the third brake lights, which is one of its unique design features, which go all through its rear window’s width thereby shaping the top edge. Meanwhile in the front are chrome elements, unique for the Gran Coupe, that divide the fog lights from the air intake and thus highlight the firm resolve that is shown in the car’s appearance. For both low beams and high beams, it will be fitted with the standard Xenon dual round headlights. This time though it will have that 3D LED rings that are clearly a signature look of the brand.

It is also able to deliver on a functional light architecture that is unique and good for driving at night. Offered as an option are the Adaptive LED Headlights wherein the light rings have been made somewhat flat at its bottom and top. When LED units are placed in horizontal ribs on each of its light rings, the low beams and high beams generated are able to project their own light through the reflectors that are faced towards them.

Indeed, the 6-Series Gran Coupe is a good example of that unlikely combination of the functional versatility o\expected from a four-door model with the remarkable visuals and dynamism observed in a Coupe. In terms of dimension, overall length is 5,007 mm, with width at 1,894 mm, and height of 1,392 mm. Wheelbase is longer by 113 mm, at 2,968 mm, which answer the question of why passengers in the rear get to experience more legroom.

The proportions do show that the new 6-Series Gran Coupe is indeed part of the BMW range. Given the flat roofline that goes smoothly to the rear end and the low height, there is no doubt that the new 6-Series Gran Coupe will likely create new benchmarks when it comes to how four-door models are designed.

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