2012 Fiat 500 gets a three-star safety rating at the NHTSA crash tests

Article by Christian Andrei, on December 10, 2011

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given the 2012 Fiat 500 a three-star safety rating, the lowest score of any new model ever tested. This is unfortunate as the sales of the two-door subcompact have been sluggish so far. On safercar.gov (the NHTSA’s Web site), the model got four stars for frontal crash and rollover accidents but got only two stars for side-impact crash safety. This meant that the car gets a combined overall safety rating of three stars.

The only other 2012 vehicles with three-star ratings are the outgoing Dodge Caliber and Ford Escape SUV. The NHTSA hasn’t released yet what the crash test results and star ratings are for the 500’s main rival, the Mini Cooper.

The ratings for the other 2012 subcompacts -- Honda Fit, Chevy Sonic and Toyota Yaris – have also not been released yet. The agency has divulged that a four-star rating was given to the Ford Fiesta subcompact.

The agency’s side-impact crash tests consist of an impact with a side barrier and a stationary pole in a 38.5 mph simulated intersection-type crash. In the side-barrier crash test, the rear-seat passenger position was rated at only two of five possible stars for safety even if the tested vehicles were fitted with curtain airbags and torso/pelvis airbags. But in the same crash test, the driver's seat position earned a five-star safety rating.

So far, the all-in concept of Fiat 500 is the best they can offer to their future buyers. It is designed with all the necessities in one package so it would be easier for you to own one of their products.

If there is one, Fiat has included the best electronic available in the market to suit today’s highly demanding lifestyle. The passenger compartment houses the latest plugin technologies (i.e. battery charger, iPod socket as well as the second generation Blue&Me). It also has the portable navigator made for the latest Fiat 500 model. This navigational tool can be placed or taken anywhere using a magnetic fitting on the dashboard from the renowned Italian brand, Magneti Marelli.

Aside from these external features, Fiat created a comprehensive payment scheme that would give customers an additional choice of payment. They have formulated the “500 Cents” and “5-to-500” with the help of Fiat Group Automobile Financial Services. Through these payment methods, customers can buy the new Fiat 500 (any model range/customisation) for just 5 a day without deposit. Or, they can pay half the total amount (in cash) and pay the rest after two years.

Additionally, they can take advantage of Fiat’s 24hr roadside service and other perks just by availing any of the loans. Fiat also offers the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which also covers the first 500,000 km. During maintenance period, customers get to choose whether to have the car picked up from their location or have the company reimburse any transport expense.

There are in fact many other offers and possibilities with Fiat’s new and attractive package. This is simply their way of giving back, since the company believes that they owe everyone a lot of gratitude for taking them where they are now.

Indeed, the new Fiat 500 opens a new milestone that will help them achieve their role both in the society and the economy. Over the years, Fiat aspires to come up with a new model that will let the owner express his or her emotions (through customisation). So instead, they are focusing on this aspect where simplicity, quality and uniqueness evolve all at the same time.

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