2012 Honda Civic fails to be recommended by Consumer Reports

Article by Christian A., on August 1, 2011

Consumer Reports has rated the redesigned 2012 Honda Civic "too low to be recommended," falling 17 points from 78 to 61 in its latest road test of small cars. Consumer Reports has given its highest ratings to previous Civic models. In fact, the Civic was named as a Top Pick in five years of the past decade.

The redesigned model scored low due to the cheapness of its interior, poor ride quality, long stopping distances and loud interior noise.

But when it comes to fuel economy, the Civic was second-best in its segment, coming in second to the Toyota Corolla. Notably, Consumer Reports' testing showed just a 29 mpg overall fuel economy for Hyundai’s redesigned Elantra compact, which is claimed to be capable of a 40 mpg highway rating.

Honda released a statement to assert that it disagrees with Consumer Reports’ findings. Honda said that the redesigned 2012 Civic is “a step forward” and that it excels in “fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability," which are the categories that those shopping for a small car look out for.

Honda also cited the Civic’s high scores when it comes to safety. The magazine had not measured reliability, an area that Honda claims to have a long history of. In Consumer Reports’ list, the 2012 Civic is rated just above the VW Jetta, named as the worst in the compact segment.

Since it was first launched in 1973 and up to 2010, it is estimated that the Honda Civic has managed to reach an estimated 8.8 million customers in the U.S. alone. When it comes to the worldwide transportation family, the Civic is a member that is both relied upon and cherished. This is because it had managed to reach the status of being a compact that is fun to drive while at the same time, it’s durable, stylish, athletic, and fuel efficient.

For each generation of the Civic that the company releases, it comes with a particular development motif. The 2012 Honda Civic, which is the company’s ninth generation, is no different. Already making a name for itself as one of the most recognized and popular product to come from Honda, the 2012 Civic incorporates the basic principle of a unique compact that is ahead of its time.

The company reveals that under this direction, it hopes to present new values that can meet the demands of the present while advancing the experience that is represented by the Civic. Key changes done to each generation include refinements all throughout as well as fuel efficiency improvements.

Interactive technologies have been added to ensure convenience and to give it a more personalized feel. Performance was improved as well in addition to the ride handling and the interior packaging. For this latest generation, the lineup of the 2012 Honda Civic consists of the Civic Coupe and the Civic Sedan, each having four grades which are the DX, LX, EX, and the EX-L. Also included are the Si Coupe and the Si Sedan. New to the lineup is the Civic HF, which is value-oriented and high-efficiency.

Then there is the super-efficient Civic Hybrid fitted inside with Lithium-Ion. Finally there is the Civic Natural Gas which was known as the GX, and made available through authorized dealers across the country. The Civic remains popular considering that the automotive environment has slowly evolved over the last 10 years with interest in overall affordability, lower emissions, and better fuel economy, increasing. All of these qualities are what one can expect from the Civic and the lineup mentioned integrates all of these resulting in a version that delivers high-performance to versions that are ultra-efficient.

There are also specific models in this lineup that can meet the preferences and needs of customers. One interesting model is the HF whose aerodynamics have been improved and thus allowing it to get highway fuel rating at an estimated 41 mpg. This is better compared to the Sedan version and it is considered to have the highest fuel economy highway rating in the U.S. especially for a compact sedan powered by gas and has an automatic transmission.

In terms of demographics, those who drive the Civic are from a wide spectrum. There high school graduates, as well as college students, who have just started living their adult lives. Then there are also families that have young children. Civic drivers also include soccer parents, teachers, environmentalists, performance enthusiasts, and they’re generally professionals. Generation Y are Civic customers as well, much like the retirees and baby boomers.

Location is not limited in one region as they can be in Sunbelt states, Snowbelt states, Midwest, Alaska, and Hawaii. No matter what the psychographic makeup or the demographics may be, all customers of the Civic have one thing in common, which is that they are young at heart. This is because once the day ends, aside from the comfort, durability, economy, safety, and style, the Civic is a vehicle that is fun to drive.

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