2012 Toyota GT 86 priced from $25,600 in Japan

Article by Christian A., on January 29, 2012

Prices for Toyota’s new GT 86 sports car in Japan have a starting price of $25,600 for a bare-bones "customizable" model. But prices can go as high as $38,200 for the range-topping GT Limited edition. The Web site gtchannel revealed that the Toyota 86 will be available in Japan in four trim levels: Customize Grade, G, GT and GT Limited.

The starter Customize Grade doesn’t have air-conditioning and its bumpers are unpainted for "racing and customizing purposes."

The standard G grade costs $31,000 and the step-up GT grade has a price tag of $35,900. Buyers may request for any of these options: a six-speed automatic transmission, limited-slip differential, aluminum pedals and three-spoke steering wheel.

Dealers have begun taking orders for this sports car, which begins production for the Japan market on March 12. The 86 will start selling this spring in the U.S. where it will be rebadged as the 2013 Scion FR-S. Prices for the U.S market haven’t been revealed yet but Toyota said that it will have a starting price of under $30,000.

The Toyota GT 86, which has adopted the Neo-Functionalism Concept in its design, unlocked various technical constraints to achieve a highly compact design, with a low center of gravity and outstanding aerodynamic properties derived from F-1 technology. Its sleek, swift profile and swept-back façade are distinct characteristics reminiscent of previous Toyota sports cars.

Utilizing two paramount pillars of a new Toyota design language, a strikingly smooth, and a simple yet distinctly classic character was achieved for the Toyota GT 86. The first of the two pillars is the “Priority Frontal Design” which stresses the importance of a well-designed face for the GT 86, placing focus on the GT 86’s augmented lower grille, which gives the car a low but assertively smarter profile. The second pillar of Toyota’s new design language is the “Keen Look Approach” which generally calls for an easily perceivable, intelligent and suggestively demonstrative design technique.

A new, dauntless scorpion design was used for the GT 86’s lower grille, further enhancing the sporty and aggressive image of the GT 86. And to emphasize the implementation of the new design language on the GT 86, additional sporty and attractive details were introduced, such as a unique T-mesh grille, custom-made 17” alloy wheels, an aerodynamic rear spoiler, double-exhaust tail pipes with connecting rod accent and last but not the least, the iconic side-mounted GT 86 piston emblem.

GT 86’s emblem is a testament to the sports car’s admirable features, particularly its remarkable front boxer or horizontally-opposed engine with a rear-wheel drive powertrain. It also boasts of its ability to perform a four-wheel drift with utmost ease when negotiating turns, further proof of the GT 86’s impeccable balance and engineering excellence.

As to the GT 86’s aerodynamic design, it employs an unparalleled concept called “Aero-sandwiching. From the term itself, one can deduce that the car is being acted upon by air movement from all sides pushing on the vehicle while in motion. This results in a more stable ride for the GT 86, especially at high speeds, without degrading the sports car’s impressive drag coefficient.

The unusual aerodynamic contour of the GT 86’s pagoda-type roof and underbody is also the result of the Aero-sandwiching concept. To further increase lateral stability, especially when cornering, canard stabilizing fins or sakanas (Japanese for fish) were installed at strategic points of the car’s body and underbody.

Exterior Design

The design of the GT 86 employs the so-called 'Neo Functionalism' concept, allowing it to combine the best attributes it could have. For instance, the new GT 86 has the most compact dimensions possible and boasts of a low center of gravity. It also features F1 technology-inspired aerodynamic performance blended with a styling that evokes past Toyota sports cars.

Interestingly, the appearance of the new GT 86 combines two key pillars of a new Toyota design language -- Under Priority frontal design and Keen Look styling approach. Under Priority frontal design provides an enlarged lower grille to draw attention to the lower part of the GT 86, thereby giving it a more imposing front look.

Keen Look approach, meanwhile, provides the GT 86 with an intelligent yet expressive styling. This new design language is sportily furthered by the bold 'scorpion' styling on the lower grille and an exclusive, T-mesh grille design. The new GT 86’s sporty appearance is also enhanced by the front wing-mounted '86' piston logo, a rear spoiler, twin rear exhausts -- with linking rod motif at the tip – and bespoke 17-inch alloy wheels.

Its '86' piston logo appropriately indicates the car’s powertrain layout that includes a front boxer engine and a rear-wheel-drive configuration. In addition, this logo indicates the GT 86’s four-wheel drift capability that highlights its perfect balance and performance.

Furthermore, the design of the new GT 86 employs the so-called 'Aero Sandwiching' concept – in which the car is sandwiched or pushed by air from all directions (top, bottom and both sides) to achieve a high stability both vertically and horizontally.

Aero Sandwiching allows the GT 86 to become more stable without compromising its coefficient of drag. This concept is exemplified by the dented contour on the 'pagoda' roof and on the underbody. Moreover, the GT 86 features stabilizing canard fins -- known as 'sakana' -- both on the sides and the underbody of the car.

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