2012 Vw Passat (USA version) to hit the dealerships in April

Article by Christian Andrei, on January 25, 2011

It has been reported that India could receive the new Passat as early as this April, indicating that the other markets in the world are likely to see the new car at around the same date. Volkswagen displayed the new midsize sedan at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit where it revealed most details.

But the carmaker had not given a specific launch date. The new Passat is one of the models said to be responsible for the way Volkswagen will perform in the U.S.

The carmaker said that it’s likely to concentrate on its current lineup as it doesn’t have any other new product launches to prepare for.

CEO Jonathan Browning told the Automotive News World Congress that it has a “pretty broad lineup” so it will be focusing on penetrating the segments it is in. He admitted that the company has “lost [its] bearings” on the market and instead, it became “more of a marginal brand."

The Passat is the first model to be produced by Volkswagen's Chattanooga production facility in the U.S. It will feature either a range topping VR6 which delivers 280 hp (controlled by a standard dual clutch transmission), a five-cylinder petrol which generates 170 ps, or a Clean Diesel (TDI) that offers 140 ps.

The Volkswagen Passat has balanced proportions, giving it a distinct, enduring and dominant style. It reveals the latest Volkswagen Design DNA built by Italian design chief Walter de Silva of Volkswagen Group together with Klaus Bischoff, Volkswagen Brand German design leader.

Due to its signature clean design dominated by horizontal body elements, the Volkswagen Passat maintains its standing as the sophisticated choice in the middle size division. However, the car looks far more expensive than what it costs.

The major recognizable feature of a powerful brand is the way its front end is designed. The Volkswagen Passat shows the latest horizontal brand face, which has a 3-blade grille plus headlights forming 1 unit.

The grille of the Volkswagen Passat comes in a 3-dimensional shape. It stands straighter and is more elegant and impressive in the stricter sense. Underneath the front bumper, there is a big, lower intake that has a remarkable honeycomb surface as well as accessible illuminating foglights accommodated at each corner.

When viewed from the side, the well-built ridge in the sill generates a dynamic interchange of light reflections. Strongly shaped wheel arches give emphasis to the Passat’s dynamic properties. The roof lines of the VW Passat extend towards the rear with an almost coupe-like cut of the back window.

This highlights the car’s aerodynamic styling. The three windows on the side create a luxurious style with a long glass surface Just the same, the rear part is dominated by horizontal lines. Lines of large taillights go up towards the sides, accentuating the elegant rear styling dynamics.

One more distinct feature is the 2-part taillight design that is included in the trunk lid and rear fender. This 4-door sedan has generous proportions and is the largest in its class. It measures 191.6 inches from the nose to the tail.

With its extended 110.4”-wheelbase plus a 72.2” width, it offers an excellent rear-seat space. In the Volkswagen family, the 2012 model is uniquely different since it was styled and particularly tailored to satisfy American tastes as well as American lifestyles.

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