2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class coming in four body styles

Article by Christian A., on May 16, 2011

Four body styles will be available for the next Mercedes Benz S-Class that will arrive as a 2013 model. One version is a big luxury sedan that will look great with Brabus wheels. In the past, the speculations have been limited to revisions in the engine types and legroom. But for the next generation, there will be two wheelbase options while the third will be a big CL coupe that had been based on the ‘S’ in the previous generation.

The fourth version is not a four-door coupe and is certainly not a hefty wagon. A report from carmagazine.co.uk revealed that there will be a four-seater convertible by 2014. For years, Mercedes-Benz has been considering a four-seater convertible but it had not been able to bring one to production.

In 2007, the Ocean Drive Concept was displayed with a four-door configuration but insiders say that the production S will feature two doors similar to the CL coupe.

There’s still a possibility that these plans will change but if they do get to proceed to production, they’re expected to arrive in 2014. All the upcoming rear-wheel drive Mercedes models will be based on a new set of components that is recognized as MRA (which stands for Mercedes Rear-wheel drive Architecture). MRA consists of 93 different modules that show off the flexibility of this matrix.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class has long had a confident character. In addition, it has also been considered as a trendsetter when it comes to the technologies equipped. However when the topic is about onboard infotainment, the S-Class is on top of the line as well as it manages to set standards.

For the first time, available on request for the brand’s flagship model is the use of the SPLITVIEW technology that has the display system and the COMAND control both placed centrally in its center console. This rather innovative display concept enables both the driver and the passenger sitting in the front to view different content at the same time and using the same screen.

For instance, the driver could be looking up information using the map-based navigation system while the passenger is watching the latest blockbuster on DVD. It does not stop there as Mercedes-Benz added to the features offered by the usual control and display COMAND system by putting in extra functions like a slot for a SD memory card. There are other new features as well like the improved interface for the Bluetooth which now allows for a mobile phone to wirelessly link with the onboard hands-free system. A USB interface is added in as well which allows customers to import, or even export, saved data to any S-Class model.

In fact, it makes it possible to transfer any kind of data, even navigation data. As an option, the brand is offering what is known as the Media Interface. This is a universal interface that is housed in the glove compartment and used with different mobile audio devices like a USB stick or an iPod. This feature is standard in the S600 and the S400 Hybrid. Another option, which is standard for the S600 and S400 Hybrid, is the COMAND APS. It comes with the Europe-wide navigation system where the data is stored inside a hard disc with a 40-GB space.

This feature helps in calculating a faster route and in delivering a higher level of convenience especially with the 3D city map mode. For those who want to listen to some music while on the road, this is possible through the radio and the CD/DVD player equipped with a MP3 function. Enhancing this musical experience is the equalizer whose volume control is speed-dependent. It offers a wide range of musical selections as the Music Register comes with a 7.2 GB hard disc and thus is able to store around 2,500 digital music files in different formats like, AAC, MP3, or even WMA. This entertainment system can identify the music file sourced from a DVD, CD, or through the Music Register. It utilizes its Gracenote database and once it is able to recognize the song, it can display the title of the song, the album where it is from, and the artists, all on the color display. With the Music search function, the drivers and the passengers can now search for artists or music titles through the different sources like USB sticks, SD memory cards, and CDs and DVDs

. Inside the COMAND APS, another important feature is the voice-operated LINGUATRONIC control system. This system is what controls the navigation, audio devices, telephone through whole-word commands. As a result, there will no longer be a need for the driver to spell out his actual commands. For the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the brand also made sure to boost the entertainment functions of the rear seat. For those sitting in the rear, there is now a remote control unit which allows them access to the COMAND’s telematics and audio functions. It can even provide access, through the media Interface, to various external devices.

Another entertainment package offered for those in the rear consists of the 8-inch displays that have been placed at the back of the head restraints of the front seats. It includes two wireless headphones and their own CD/DVD player, which also allows connection to other external video and audio devices. Ensuring that the passengers get to feel that 360-degree musical experience is the "Logic7" surround sound system that has been developed by the brand in partnership with audio experts at harman/kardon. This has resulted in providing outstanding performance through the use of 3D sound.

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