Integrated multimedia campaign is launched for 2016 Lexus RX in the US

Article by Christian Andrei, on January 21, 2016

Lexus has launched a national integrated marketing campaign for the redesigned Lexus RX, targeting customers seeking an SUV that mirrors and matches their interesting yet dynamic lifestyles. This marketing is aiming to highlight the significant transformation that the Lexus RX has undergone – from its newly styled exterior to its contemporary interior.

According to Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing, the premium carmaker has reimagined the RX luxury crossover inside and out to better appeal to modern families as well as youthful yet culturally engaged customers. He quipped that the marketing campaign tells how Lexus has transformed the RX and redefined sophistication.

The campaign took off with two national TV commercials, both underscoring the vehicle's performance and design. For instance, the spot titled “Beautiful Contrast” features an elegant woman strolling past a number of classic landmarks in Europe and a man piloting a new RX past the city’s modern attractions.

At night, the woman got a glimpse of the new RX, seemingly decided to pursue the SUV. Then, the man arrived at a modern arch with the RX and the woman finally caught up to them, seemingly attracted to the SUV. The spot ends with the two of them cruising away in the RX with a voiceover saying: “Never has luxury been this expressive.”

The second spot, titled “Modern Luxury,” presents a continuation of the first ad. This time, the spot focuses on the duality of the RX. Here, the woman is driving the RX hybrid at city streets while the man is behind the wheels of the performance-focused RX F SPORT.

"Modern Luxury" highlights the chiseled exterior and well-crafted interior of the RX. Just like the first spot, this commercial ends with a voiceover saying: “Never has luxury been this expressive.” The first spot plays to music from Mutato while the second ad is backgrounded by an original song called “Cool” from 80s band Pylon.

Also available is a video that shows what occurred behind the scenes during the RX transformation. Additionally, Lexus is launching three multicultural spots -- “Judgments Rewrite,” “Meet the Unexpected,” and “Ahead of the Curve.” Each of these spots appeals to different audiences and target markets.

For instance, “Judgments Rewrite,” is designed to appeal to the black audience, presenting the Lexus RX as the perfect choice for the distinguished professional. The spot features a modern couple starting their day in an upmarket home set in the future. “Meet the Unexpected,” meanwhile, is designed to appeal to Hispanics, presenting the product of the combination of imagination and emotion. This spot shows a man waking up in a desert, holding on to a Lexus RX key fob.

He then gets inside the RX and cruises through a mountain pass. While on the cruise, he meets a pretty woman who then becomes his passenger. “Ahead of the Curve,” on the other hand, is intended to get the attention of the LGBT customers.

This spot features a stylish couple in their modern home, which mirrors the sculpted body of the new Lexus RX. This spot is sending the message that the RX was engineered to keep up with the customers' modern lifestyle. Lexus' integrated national campaign will be conducted on multimedia -- broadcast, print, digital and out-of-home media.

Lexus plans to have the TV ads aired during prime time, late night, cable and sports programming, especially on properties like as NCAA Basketball on CBS, NHL on NBC and English Premier League on NBC, as well as DirecTV Center Ice. Print campaign -- headlined “Sophistication. Sharpened” – will include ad placement in a number of active lifestyle and fashion titles like Sports Illustrated, Bicycling, W and Vogue.

Interestingly, the RX will have a six-page gatefold placement in the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Digital campaign, meanwhile, will entail brand integrations with AOL, Google/YouTube and “The Mindy Project” on Hulu. Moreover, Lexus will launch an immersive campaign at Facebook and Instagram aimed at providing contextual RX content following relevant “life moments.”

Press Release


Today Lexus debuted a national integrated marketing campaign for the entirely redesigned Lexus RX luxury crossover. With a modern interior wrapped in a chiseled exterior, the revolutionary new RX demonstrates that sophistication can have an edge. The marketing campaign targets customers looking for an SUV that’s as interesting as their dynamic lifestyles.

“Our best-selling luxury crossover has been reimagined inside and out, appealing to modern families and youthful, culturally engaged customers,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “The RX defined the luxury crossover segment when it first launched in 1998. This marketing campaign illustrates how we’ve transformed the RX and redefined sophistication.”

Two national TV spots highlight the RX’s design and performance. In “Beautiful Contrast,” shots of an elegant woman walking past classic European landmarks are intercut with shots of a man driving the new RX past the city’s modern architecture. Contrasting views of the city at night continue as the RX catches the woman’s attention. The driver arrives at a modern arch and parks. The woman catches up to them, intrigued, and they peel away in the RX.

“Modern Luxury” continues the story from the first spot and presents the vehicle’s duality. Shots of the woman driving the RX hybrid gracefully through daytime city streets are intercut with shots of the man driving the performance-focused RX F SPORT. The commercial highlights the chiseled exterior and interior craftsmanship. Both spots end with a voiceover saying: “Never has luxury been this expressive.”

Music by Mutato—a music production company founded by Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh—adds to the sexy vibe in “Beautiful Contrast,” while an original song called “Cool” from 80s band Pylon creates a rock soundtrack for “Modern Luxury.” A stylized behind-the-scenes video paints a broader picture of the RX transformation.

Three multicultural spots round out the broadcast campaign. “Judgments Rewrite” is tailored for the black audience and illustrates how the redesigned RX is an ideal vehicle for the confident and successful professional. As a modern couple start their day in an upscale, futuristic home, the spot acknowledges that following your passion leads to great rewards, such as the aggressively sculpted RX.

“Meet the Unexpected” is geared toward a Hispanic audience. Inspired by magical realism, it illustrates what happens when imagination meets emotion. A man wakes up in a desert and finds a Lexus RX key fob in his hand. He enters the vehicle and drives through a dreamlike mountain pass. A beautiful woman appears as he drives by and gets in, representing the unexpected yet highly desirable RX.

“Ahead of the Curve” speaks to LGBT customers. A stylish couple start their day in their avant-garde home as one man grabs his briefcase and walks outside to his new RX. The house mirrors the sculpted RX body, demonstrating that the SUV was engineered to keep up with a modern lifestyle.

The integrated national campaign will appear on broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home media. The TV spots will air during prime time, late night, cable and sports programming, with properties such as NCAA Basketball on CBS, English Premier League on NBC, and the NHL on NBC and DirecTV Center Ice.

Digital presence for RX includes unique brand integrations with AOL, Google/YouTube and “The Mindy Project” on Hulu. An immersive campaign with Facebook/Instagram will provide consumers with contextual RX content after relevant “life moments.”

Print media features the headline “Sophistication. Sharpened.” and includes placement in active lifestyle and fashion titles such as Bicycling, Sports Illustrated, W and Vogue. For the first time, the RX will star in this year’s Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit Edition in a unique six-page gatefold.

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