Aston Martin Cygnet introduced in Japan

Article by Christian Andrei, on October 25, 2011

Aston Martin is introducing its luxurious urban vehicle Cygnet in Japan and Hong Kong. Originally available in Europe from its kick off in mid-2011, Cygnet is the customized high-class urban automobile, made with low-emission engine technology and ultra-compact packaging.

Workmanship and a focus on detail are obvious in each Cygnet, and high levels of personalization are exemplified by the recently improved selection of materials and colors, which include six "Race Collection" paint schemes, quilted Alcantara and hexagon perforated leather. Also offered with two exclusive and limited Launch Editions, Cygnet joins Aston Martin's well-known pedigree of vehicles.

Every Aston Martin conveys the primary principles of Power, Beauty and Soul from the stylish but ferocious V12 Zagato and the spectacular One-77 supercar to new Virage and the robust Vantage array to the lovely DB9, DBS and four-door Rapide. Beginning from 4,750,000 YEN and 603,578 HKD with its compact but neatly-proportioned form, Cygnet is evidently recognizable as an Aston Martin.

The marque's distinctive design language, including signature details like the elongated side strake, metal grille and inverted rear lights, generate a prominent, stable form with powerful road presence. Cygnet feautures very sophisticated safety technology to protect passengers, driver and pedestrians, with an array of cutting-edge features hardly ever seen in compact automobiles.

Cygnet provides everything the urban driver needs, ranging from fundamental equipment like nine airbags, ABS, electronic brake assist, stability control, and retractable door mirrors to a deluxe interior specification such as heated seats and keyless entry and start, all packed into a vehicle that is only three meters long.

Aston Martin Cygnet is a vehicle without compromise -- it is as committed to urban functionalism as its sporting siblings are to dynamics, driver engagement and long-distance comfort. With space for as many as four people, Cygnet is safe, compact, highly maneuverable and efficient. Those who want to have the Cygnet can now place their orders at the Aston Martin dealership network in Japan and Hong Kong. Deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2012.

Cygnet sets the standards for a compact luxury car. It benefits from close to a hundred years of experience in creating and developing high performance sports cars, competitive racing cars, and luxurious grand tourers. The Cygnet shows the car brand’s commitment to integrity and innovation.

Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez says that the brand does not make compromises and that they do everything right. If it is performance, they do not compromise or downsize their sports cars. The Cygnet also satisfies the need for a low emission car that is also very spacious. Bez says that the Cygnet is just like any Aston Martin car, there are no compromises here.

Bez also says that their customers need a small car for city and urban use. The Cygnet was able to downsize without sacrificing personality, intelligence and artistry.

Aston Martin Cygnet shows a very basic concept: in the city, a compact size gets you freedom and speed. It is only three meters long, enabling the car to slot into small spaces in traffic and make use of even the smallest parking spaces. It also consumes less fuel and has the lowest emissions. All the while, comfort and quality are not compromised.

Aston Martin's director of design Marek Reichman comments that the Cygnet is luxurious yet small, and just perfect for the city. It has an almost endless palette of colours, textures and materials, making each Cygnet very unique. The hand-finished car will be your personalised space in the modern city.

Reichman adds that with the Cygnet, you would realize that luxury is not limited by its small size.

Cygnet benefits from the car brand’s experience in design, technology and craft. In the future, luxury brands need to change to adhere to laws and changes in the society. These factors will divide products into urban and anti-urban categories. The Cygnet will anticipate these changes and will help guarantee that Aston Martin continues to be competitive even in the future.

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