Aston Martin opens its largest flagship showroom in Shanghai, China

Article by Christian Andrei, on January 16, 2012

Aston Martin has opened the doors of its largest flagship showroom, which is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, China, as part of its bold expansion. The showroom has space for a maximum of 18 new Astion Martins. It is also offering a truly unique and extensive luxury experience with its lounge, café, fully equipped service centre, Aston Martin merchandise display and sales area, Bang & Olufsen audio/visual displays and Jaeger-LeCoultre time-pieces.

The new showroom is part of the existing Aston Martin dealer group, which is managed and owned by Mr Zheng Ting. It is the third dealership for Mr Zheng and the seventh for Aston Martin in China.

Asia Pacific Regional Director Dr Matthew Bennett commented that they are "excited" with the automaker's ongoing performance and development in China. He added that the new dealership sets the benchmark for premium vehicle showrooms all over Asia as well as for the experience every visitor should expect. Bennett stated that their business in China is anticipated to "continue growing strongly" considering their existing network of experienced Aston Martin dealerships in China, a range of "exciting" product developments to be announced this year, and further future growth earmarked across the coming year.

Aston Martin Shanghai has an astonishing showcase of the automaker's product range, carefully displayed as pieces of sculpture presented in a gallery-style space -- a world apart from traditional showrooms. What we could expect are the One-77 supercar to the powerful Vantage lineup, and the new Virage to the exquisite DB9, DBS, four-door Rapide, and soon-to-be-joined by the elegant but high-performing V12 Zagato, which was recently confirmed to enter strictly limited production.

It was at the dedicated design studio of Aston Martin that the new Virage was created. What happens is that from an initial sketch, a full-sized clay model is made after which a prototype follows. After that, it then goes to production. All of these different processes happen at this facility, located in Gaydon, Warwickshire, in England. Since everything is done on one site, it allows the brand to be more agile and to react fast to customer demands and current trends.

On the front of the Virage, there are the bi-xenon single lens lights which have been placed under the headlamp. The headlamp meanwhile is where the side light bar is housed and with the dissipating LED light, allows the Virage to get its own personality, albeit subtly, on the road. By having the 20-inch twin-prong 5-spoke wheels fitted to it, the Virage gets a good sense of proportion.

The brand though is offering as an option a forged diamond-turned 10-spoke version. In addition, customer will be given the chance to have their brake calipers in the same color as the body which can come in black, red, yellow, and grey. Aston Martin’s Design Director Marek Reichman shared that the Virage is an evolution of the brand’s design language as it now enters a modern stage.

While the new face allows the Virage to have a refined and sharper look, it continued to be immediately recognizable as a sports car from Aston Martin, he added. Looking at the entire vehicle, he continued, one will get the impression that it has been from a single aluminum billet; thus putting focus on the unique surface language and the attention to detail. Director Reichman said that the company has always been proud of the exquisite honed surfaces made by no less than skilled craftsmen.

Reichman says that the Virage delivers pleasure in every way and can even turn travels into an event. This feeling can be experience from getting the polished glass aluminum ECU key or even simply walking to it and admiring its appearance.

The finish done on the materials is a treat for all the other senses, he added. What makes the Virage amazing is that it does not wear its own identity on its sleeve nor does it shout to tell people to look at it. Reichman said that by having a low elegant stance and using pure lines, the Virage simply provides clues to its potential.

Aston Martin revealed that the Virage will be the tenth new and major model to be manufactured at its U.K. facility. This is the same facility where the DBS and the DB9 are manufactured as well.

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