Audi to beat its target for A1 deliveries next year

Article by Christian Andrei, on December 20, 2010

Audi said that the A1 will beat its deliveries target next year. What is more interesting is that the German manufacturer may increase production of its smallest car in order to meet the demand for the model, according to sales chief Peter Schwarzenbauer.

Audi hopes to sell 120,000 A1s in 2011, which means an increase of 20k units from the previous projection of 100,000. Schwarzenbauer said that this number may also be increased for a second time.

“After getting feedback from our dealers, it's clear that our production rates may need to be increased again to satisfy demand,” the executive said. “We are extremely confident that the A1 will be a huge success for us and are running far ahead of plan in some markets,” including the U.K. and France.

Audi wants to overtake Bmw and became the luxury leader by 2015, targeting record worldwide deliveries this year of more than 1.08 million cars and sport utility vehicles.

This means a 14% increase from 2009. Eleven-month sales climbed 15 percent to 1 million vehicles, and Audi already surpassed its record set back in 2008.

Many of Audi A1’s younger customers generally live in major cities and thus want a vehicle that is specifically designed to be driven in urban areas. As a result of the compact dimensions, it is nimble and agile even when running in city traffic.

It even offers a high level of utility on a daily basis. Even the interior displays high quality and a sporty feel. Customers however are given the opportunity to customize the different details in order to meet their own needs.

This latest model also offers a wide-range of advanced technologies like the infotainment system that manages to set new benchmarks in this class. Indeed, the Audi A1 remains to be a fully-fledged Audi even as it is the first even premium auto in the small compact segment.

The brand has long been known for automotive passion. Due to the powerful engines and the agile chassis, the Audi A1 continues to be the sportiest in its segment. This fact is obvious even at first look as its design is modern and quite distinct.

The different styling cues that ensure the A1 is part of the Audi family are the front end that uses a single-frame grille and the coupe-like C-pillars. It also features a distinct side line with its unique roof arch and the large wheel wells.

The hood and its rear hatch cover the body and the tail lights have been molded in three-dimension to exhibit that instantly recognizable design, whether it’s night or day.

The cabin is airy and spacious. While the instrument panel reminds one of an airplane wing, the four round air nozzles remind one of a jet’s turbines. The high fit and finish and ergonomics characterize the high standards expected from the Audi. There are other design details in its interior that show the A1’s premium character.

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