Audi wants to boost the output of the A8 flagship sedan by 57 percent

Article by Christian A., on August 25, 2011

Audi AG expects that the stock-market slump will not have an impact on the luxury auto industry and so it has decided to hire more staff to boost production. Audi intends to boost the capacity for the 69,600 euro A8 flagship sedan by 57%. Albrecht Reimold, who heads Audi’s factory in Neckarsulm, Germany, said that the plant, which currently has 14,000 employees, is “extremely busy.” The company expects that this uptrend will “continue for some time, certainly through next year."

Reimold said that Audi's second-biggest plant hired 500 more workers this year and has been running extra shifts, acording to Autonews. This plant rolls out the 111,100 euro R8 sports car and the 48,900 euro A7 four-door coupe. He anticipates that output will increase by 21% to a high of 260,000 vehicles in 2011.

The increase in staffing and shifts are part of the expansion at the Volkswagen AG unit, which is boosting capacity in Spain and raising production in China. The Stoxx Europe 600 Index has fallen by 23% from its peak last February but that hasn’t deterred Audi, BMW AG and Daimler AG's Mercedes-Benz from placing additional shifts, cutting breaks and constructing new plants. In an Aug. 17 interview, Reimold said that the company is aware of the possibility that conditions may worsen but it is trusting its predictions that “things will stay good.”

Audi never ceases to amaze us with its highly sophisticated designs. The new Audi A8 is an expression of harmony arising from the contours of the roofline that flows within the coupé’s entire surface. Definitely, Audi once again highlights its role in providing the most cutting edge design in the automotive field.

The A8 is very well proportioned judging from the 4.79ft for the height, 6.33ft for the width and 16.85ft for the length. Meanwhile, the wheelbase measurement is at 9.82ft width. As a matter of fact, this new model is larger (in width and length) than most cars in the segment and even that of its previous generation model. However, the new Audi is still shorter than its competing German brand.

Nevertheless, Audi 8 has a very handsome radiator grille to compensate for the lack of height. The single frame is surrounded with chrome while the highly detailed grille comes in three-dimensional layers. All in all, the horizontal chrome braces and the angled shape around its corners enhance the width of the all-new sedan.

Ever since Audi introduced the Audi R8 super car, the LED technology became a standard feature in all the latest Audi models. Needless to say, the A8’s newly designed headlamps are now equipped with Xenon Plus units. Moreover, the innovative LED technology extends to the car’s adaptive lighting system for safer driving along the highways, countryside, cities and busy intersections.

Instead of the fog lights, Audi A8 has integrated the new all-weather lighting system to the headlamps. The old location of the air intakes is now replaced with the radar sensors to work with Audi’s adaptive cruise control technology.

The headlight control unit is another breakthrough. It even has an optional MMI navigation network to analyse the traffic situation. On the other hand, the headlight works instinctively depending on what type of road is up ahead. This feature increases safety particularly when crossing the intersections.

Meanwhile, the Audi A8 is equipped with full LED headlights that runs even during the daytime. The advanced optics is entirely different from typical tubular light modules. The low beam consists of 10 single modules that form an arc shape near the chrome wing. Underneath the wing, there is another set of LEDs in a similar arc shape with 23 yellows and 22 whites. The two sets of LEDs are intended for the signal light and daytime running lights.

A surface reflector system is on top of the wing, which houses the 4-chip LED for the high beams. The high and low beams power up the corner light and highway light depending on the headlight control unit.

A special fan and heat sink normalise the temperature around the powerful lighting system. In fact, the full LED has many useful functions. In case the colour temperature is at 5,500 Kelvin, the LED light will also mimic the daylight. Aside from the fact that Xenon Plus headlights are already energy efficient, the low beams are even more frugal as it only consumes a total of 40 watts.

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