Auto China 2014: VW Golf Edition Concept is a 40th anniversary present

Article by Christian Andrei, on April 22, 2014

In order to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Golf, Volkswagen unveiled at the Auto China 2014 the Golf Edition Concept. As expected, this new concept car was extensively customized and comes with a new colour called “Magic Morning”, machine polished “Madrid” 19-inch alloy wheels, mirror caps finished in “matt chrome” and new badges on the B pillars that show an engraved laureal wreath with the number “40”.

The interior was also upgraded and makes the Golf looks like a business sedan. The Golf Edition Concept features leather upholstery offered in two colours: “St. Tropez” (bright as a sand beach) and black. The seats feature the centre panels up to the headrests wrapped in “St. Tropez” and upholstered with diamond-shaped stitching, while the seams have a brown hue.

The leather used for the side and outside surfaces is black. Brown leather piping in "Sevilla" forms the interface between the bright "St. Tropez" and the "black" surfaces. Wood was used for the inlays in the door trim panels and in the dashboard on the passenger’s side.

Moreover, bright St. Tropez" are the door inserts in leather, roof pillar panels, interior rooflining and arm rests. The décor for the centre console, instrument surrounds and the trims around the air vents has a high-gloss black piano finish.

In addition, the multifunction steering wheel is wrapped in black leather, just like the gear knob, while the floor mats adopt the diamond pattern of the seats. The interior design is completed by the door sill plates equipped with ambience lightning. [source: Volkswagen]

Press Release

Concept car for the 40th anniversary of the Golf

Golf Edition captivates with the ambience of a luxury saloon
Special “Magic Morning” paint job and exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels
Exclusive two-tone leather upholstery puts the Golf into a league of its own
Ten important facts about the world premiere of the Golf Edition:

1. Golf Edition as an exclusive concept car for the 40th anniversary of the globally successful best-seller. 2. The Golf Edition concept car was developed especially for China. 3. Concept car with new “Magic Morning” special colour. 4. Concept car with exclusive 19-inch alloy wheels. 5. Two-tone leather upholstery with exclusive diamond pattern stitch in the style of high-class saloons. 6. First Golf of the latest generation to feature wood inlays in the interior. 7. The centre console and surrounds of the instruments and air vents are upgraded by decor in piano finish. 8. The Golf is the successor of the original Volkswagen – the Beetle. 9. The first generation of the Golf was launched on the market in May 1974. 10. With more than 30 million cars sold, the Golf is one of the most successful automobiles ever.

With an exclusive concept car, the Golf Edition, Volkswagen is celebrating at the Auto China the 40th anniversary of the Golf, which has been successful around the globe. The anniversary edition’s equipment was extensively customised. A Golf has emerged that will be on the road in a league of its own as one of the most premium models in its class. With its iconic design and pioneering all-round features, the Volkswagen best-seller, of which more than 30 million have been sold worldwide, was reflective of technological progress, and always head and shoulders above the rest. With the Golf Edition, another highlight in the history of this model range is launched.

Special paint effect and 19-inch wheels. From the outside, the concept car can be recognised by the exclusive “Magic Morning” colour and machine-polished “Madrid” 19-inch alloy wheels; while the “metallic” basic colour is white, it has a striking golden shimmer depending on the angle of vision. The mirror caps of the Golf Edition are finished in “matt chrome.” Another distinctive feature is a badge on the B pillars showing an engraved laurel wreath with the number “40”.

Two-tone leather upholstery. The two-tone interior is particularly exclusive and features leather upholstery (“Sensitive” type of leather) that comes in two colours: “St. Tropez” (bright as a sand beach) and “black”. The sporty seats are another highlight. The centre panels up to the headrests are done in “St. Tropez”. The centre panels of the seats and backs are upholstered with diamond-shaped stitching. The seams have a brown hue, making for a warm contrast to the bright “St. Tropez” colour. The interior designers opted for black leather as upholstery material for the side and outside surfaces. Brown leather piping in “Sevilla” forms the interface between the bright “St. Tropez” and the “black” surfaces. The three-seat rear seating system is designed in the same style as the front sports seats. The two outside seating surfaces in the rear give the impression of exclusive individual seats.

Wood inlays and piano finish. Wood inlays in the door trim panels (with integrated ambience lighting) and in the dashboard on the passenger’s side are used for the first time in the latest Golf. Perfectly matching in bright “St. Tropez” are the door inserts in leather, roof pillar panels, interior rooflining and arm rests. Making for a striking contrast is the decor of the centre console, the instrument surrounds as well as the trims around the air vents in high-gloss black piano finish. Likewise in “St. Tropez” colour: the contrasting seams of the multifunction steering wheel covered in black leather and the gear shift grip, also fitted in black leather. The floor mats adopt the diamond pattern of the seats. The door sill plates are equipped with ambience lighting and, after opening the doors, make the initial impression of the new Golf Edition absolutely perfect.

Note: All data and features contained in this press kit apply to models offered in Germany. They may differ in other countries. Please refer to separate data for other countries. Subject to changes and errors. All cited fuel economy and performance data are estimated values as of March 2014.

TDI, TSI, DSG and Twincharger are registered trademarks of Volkswagen AG or other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Germany and other countries.

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