Auto sales of China expected to hit the brakes this year

Article by Christian Andrei, on January 14, 2012

For the first time in 14 years at least, the auto sales of China had been slower than the growth in the U.S. China’s sales became sluggish in 2011 after the government’s stimulus measures ended and as the country’s economic growth indicated signs of easing. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers said that the total vehicle sales, including cars, trucks and buses, increased by 2.5% to 18.5 million when compared with the 3% median estimate of the five analysts that Bloomberg surveyed. The industry group said that China is still the biggest vehicle market in the world for the third consecutive year.

It is projected to have an 8% growth in demand this year. The rate of delivery is slower compared to the 32% growth in 2010, after China ended a two-year package of tax breaks and rebates that is partially credited for making China outperform the U.S. Sales also suffered due to higher interest rates and restrictions on new vehicles in Beijing as well as interruptions in the supply that pushed Honda Motor Co. to record the first time that sales dropped in China.

Jenny Gu, an analyst at industry researcher LMC Automotive in Shanghai, said that China’s auto sales growth won't get anywhere close to the figure attained in the last two years as it gets into a pace that’s more sustainable. The government incentives had raised sales during the last few years. The automakers’ association said that passenger-car sales increased by 5.2% to 14.5 million, compared to the 33% growth reached in 2010. Meanwhile, 4.03 million units were sold in its commercial vehicle segment, including buses and trucks. This stands for a 6.3% decrease.

Audi A6 continues to be a best seller in China! The new Audi A6 is designed with its side dominated by how the hard and precise lines interact with the soft surfaces. There is a tornado line that is under the edge of the window and goes through the whole side before shaping to be a more pronounced shaded edge. This allows it to give the shoulders of the body that needed strength. There is also a dynamic line that is positioned just on top of the side sills which go slightly upward. Meanwhile the area around the windows is highlighted with a high-gloss package.

Finally, one can see that when compared to the greenhouse, the body of the A6, made of sheet metal, is around two times as tall, a signature of the brand. The new A6 brings with it an athletic elegance considering how the sweeping roofline, short overhangs, and long engine hood, come together in harmony. Unlike the previous model, the new A6 is shorter with overall length of 16.14 feet (4.92 meters) but is wider at 6.14 feet (1.87 meters). It is also lower with a height of 4.79 feet (1.46 meters). Finally, with respect to the wheelbase, the one in the new A6 is larger measuring 9.55 feet (2.91 meters). As mentioned earlier, on the side runs an elegant line which ends in the tail end where a spoiler edge, though subtle, has been placed.

Since the A6 is an Audi vehicle, the surfaces of its tail end come in a three-dimensional shape. The two-part tail lights meanwhile come with a style that mirrors the headlights and its trapezoid shape. For the exhaust system, the A6 has a pair of round and large tailpipes which have a diffuser insert in matt black. On the front section, the single-frame grille, though large, is placed in a low position.

The grille is painted in high-gloss black and has the beveled upper corners combining cleanly with the sculptured front end. With the louvers being positioned horizontally, it helps highlight not just the low and wide air intakes but the width of the A6 in general. The light pattern being displayed by the new A6 is also amazing as the xenon lights and LED headlights in the front plus the LED tail lights result in a three-dimensional effect.

On the rear section, the lighting system comes out with a visually continuous band by forming a U-shaped curve. Meanwhile there are incandescent lamps that help light the fog lights and in the rear and the back-up lights. The turn signal lights meanwhile form a strip that goes throughout the model’s upper edge.

For customers who want the A6 to have a more athletic appearance, Audi will be making available an S line exterior package which includes a diffuser inserts, grills on its air intakes, and more pronounced bumpers. Both the door sills and the fenders will have the S line badge. Meanwhile the sill panels will have the same color as that of the body, the front spoiler’s center edge and diffuser will be in gray.

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