Bmw creates another design for Saeco Xsmall

Article by Christian A., on August 29, 2010

They say that a design is only as passionate as the one who made. As such, the people at the international design studio 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' show this same passion very well. This BMW Group subsidiary has been working not just with the automobile industry but in other industries as well.

Its latest offering is the 'Saeco Xsmall' which is part of the Saeco portfolio and is a design that shows the Latin people’s love of coffee. The Xsmall is the best example of Saeco's philosophy of creating maximum effect but on minimum space.

Currently the smallest model in Saeco’s product line, the design acts as a storyteller that enthrals a coffee lover through a story about the realm of Latin coffee preparation. Like the previous models, elegant and soft lines were used which show the appearance of a coffee that is flowing to a cup.

This feel is reinforced with the two-colour combination and the strong colour contrast that relates to young coffee lovers. Still, the way the Saeco Xsmall is designed is that it matches with the entire product range of Saeco by utilizing the design language used by the previous models.

The operating elements for instance are placed at the focal point of the half-closed coloured casing and complete the 360-degree surface design. Made by 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA', the design of the Xsmall is all about quality, passion, and emotion.

BMW Group is the parent company of 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA'. It was founded back in 1975 and established in Los Angeles, which at the time was at the core of California’s automobile industry. This design studio originally used the name 'DesignworksUSA' and it was during the 1980s that it did its first work for the BMW Group.

Over time 'DesignworksUSA' made a name for itself by combining its unlimited creativity, strategic competence, and sensitive intuition. A number of its clientele include top brands like HP or Nokia, and most recently Saeco. BMW Group bought the company in 1995 and with it gave 'DesignworksUSA' the ability to operate in America, Europe, and Asia.

It is also BMW Group Design’s impulse-triggers and drives the innovation of clients from a wide-range of industries from leisure and IT electronics to aircraft engineering and even the medical sector. It has also been involved in the lifestyle and sports industry and that of the environment.

The design studio helps the design for BMW Group. It also uses the experience it gets from designing for the auto industry to be used in other projects for clients from other industries.

However, the main reason why 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' remains to be a success because it follows a strong brand orientation which centers on making sure that each design showcases the personality of the product’s brand. That the design of the Xsmall incorporates the Saeco brand is more than enough proof.

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A design can only ever be as passionate as the people that create it. At 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' an international design studio and subsidiary of BMW Group, people speak the language of passion perfectly well: The studio which operates not only in the automobile sector but also in many other industries has once again given expressive form to the passion for a Latin love of coffee with the design for the 'Saeco Xsmall' - the tiny miracle of space within the Saeco portfolio.

With the design of the Xsmall, 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' is expressing Saeco's philosophy of indulgence to a maximum effect on minimum space.

With the Xsmall, the smallest model in the Saeco portfolio, the design takes on the role of a storyteller who enchants the coffee lover by telling a sensuous story from the world of Latin coffee preparation: As with its predecessor versions, 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' again applied soft and elegant lines for the Xsmall which passionately celebrate the way of the coffee flowing right into the cup.

This sensuous experience is supported by a two-colour combination of the machines with a strong colour contrast that addresses young coffee lovers in particular.

The design of the Saeco Xsmall is completely in harmony with the full Saeco product range, picking up the design language of the predecessor models: the operating elements are decoratively placed at the focal point of the typical, half-closed coloured casing, crowning the 360-degree surface design.

The design developed by 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' for the Xsmall stands for emotion, passion and quality. About 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' is a subsidiary of the BMW Group.

Founded in 1975 in Los Angeles, the heart of the vibrant Californian automobile industry, the studio carried out its first commissions for the BMW Group back in the 1980s, working at the time under the name 'DesignworksUSA'.

From its early years onwards, top brands such as Nokia or HP were amongst the clientele of this creative studio, which has carved out a reputation since then through its fascinating mixture of strategic competence, sensitive intuition and unlimited creativity, and which has convinced Saeco too of the benefits of its passionate design.

The company was acquired by the BMW Group in 1995 and now operates worldwide from its three locations in Europe, America and Asia. It also acts as impulse-trigger for the BMW Group Design and as the driver of innovations for clients in various industries ranging from IT and leisure electronics, through aircraft engineering, the medical sector, the environment to the sports and lifestyle industry.

On the one hand, the design studio provides inspiration for BMW Group designs, and on the other hand, experience from the complex and visionary world of automobiles is integrated into design projects for clients working outside the automobile industry.

The most important foundation for the success of 'BMW Group DesignworksUSA' is its strong brand orientation, which focuses each design on the product's brand personality. The design identity of the Saeco brand is impressive proof of this.

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