Bmw introduces Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) jam-busting technology

Article by Christian A., on October 11, 2011

For years now, BMW has served as the auto industry’s pioneer when it comes to setting new standards for solutions that manage to intelligently connect driver and vehicle to the outside world. This was made possible with the introduction of the brand’s ConnectedDrive technology.

In the past, drivers only had Traffic Message Channel, or TMC, in order to get information like any traffic disruptions. Since it was radio-based, it made it difficult to get the information accurate or fast enough in order to avoid any delays.

With the ConnectedDrive, BMW customers will be the first to experience an advanced traffic information system which can deliver the needed information in a way that is reliable, accurate, and fast. One of the features of this technology is known as Traffic Information, or RTTI, which was made to enhance peace of mind and comfort.

With the RTTI, drivers can relax a little since they can get a better account of what the current situation is in real time and know that they are taking the most time-efficient route possible. Under the new system being implemented, the RTTI is better than the TMC since it has more data sources.

It takes the Transport Protocol Expert Group and then combines this with the GSM cellular network. The data that is obtained is then incorporated to the SIM car that already part of the vehicle. As a result, traffic data is sent and received in real time with better accuracy and dependability.

Not only is it quickly transmitted but the traffic data is displayed on the Navigation map where it makes use of a color-coding system allowing for easy interpretation of the traffic flow. Accuracy is excellent as road networks can be subdivided into 500-meter distances with the actual information being updated at least every 3 minutes.

The driver is therefore able to monitor the current traffic condition and make the necessary condition if it is improving or taking a turn for the worse. While this system will be offered for all models of BMW, those who avail of the BMW Professional navigation system as well as the Bluetooth telephone preparation with telematics, will get this same system free of charge. Using any internet-enabled device, drivers can also access the BMW Routes website where they can remotely view RTTI and plane their routes.

Press Release

BMW the first with new jam-busting technology: Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI)

BMW drivers are the first in the world to benefit from an advanced traffic information system giving fast, accurate and reliable data about road conditions on their journeys. Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) is an enhanced BMW ConnectedDrive feature designed to increase the comfort and peace of mind of BMW owners.

The system is available on all new BMW models and comes at no additional cost when customers order the BMW Professional navigation system and Bluetooth telephone preparation with telematics. As a further benefit, BMW drivers can also view RTTI remotely when planning their routes within their BMW Routes website. This portal can be accessed by any internet-enabled device.

Information updated every three minutes
For many years BMW ConnectedDrive technology has pioneered the automotive industry, establishing benchmark solutions that intelligently link the driver and the vehicle with the outside world. Until now owners have had to rely on the radio-based Traffic Message Channel (TMC) for information on traffic disruptions. This information is not always fast or accurate enough to help steer clear of delays ahead.

RTTI now provides a precise account of current traffic situations in real time allowing the driver to relax in the knowledge that the most time efficient route is being taken. The new system provides a premium alternative to TMC as the information presented is based on significantly greater sources of data. It combines TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) with the GSM cellular network. By integrating this data with the SIM card built into the vehicle, traffic information can be transmitted in real time delivering unique dependability and accuracy.

Drivers are better informed

Traffic information is presented on the Navigation map by using an easily interpreted colour-coding system indicating how well traffic is flowing. The system provides superior accuracy as road networks can be divided into distances as short as 500m and the information is automatically updated every 3 minutes allowing the driver to actively monitor whether the traffic situation is improving or worsening.

Furthermore, when the destination guidance is active the system also monitors traffic flow away from the predetermined route to calculate which route is the most time efficient and can actually recommend for or against alternatives. This information provides the driver with the knowledge and option of accepting the traffic jam ahead if the alternative routes offer no time saving benefits. It also ensures that if the system diverts the driver from congested roads they are not directed into heavier traffic. Coverage includes all major road networks and motorways in the UK as well as pan-European networks for journeys abroad.

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