Chevrolet gives us tips for safe caravanning

Article by Christian A., on May 30, 2012

Caravan owners who are planning to set out to the open roads in the UK would benefit from reading a safe caravanning guide developed by Chevrolet. More people are travelling during holidays within the country instead of going abroad or somewhere else in the continent. In the UK, there are about half a million leisure towing fans who will surely want to take advantage of the long June bank holiday weekend.

Chevrolet made this guide in partnership with several of the industry's top caravanning organisations on caravan safety and enjoyment. Chevrolet UK Managing Director Mark Terry said that the company believes that the journey, and not only the destination, should be fun. He added that finding the correct tow car and being safe will matter much in guaranteeing that enjoying nature will be relaxed and fun and also legal and safe.

Chevrolet’s Top Tips for Safe Caravanning

1. Practice turning, stopping and reversing before you begin towing on public roads. Do not tow in traffic until you are confident that you can handle the vehicle and caravan safely

2. Always go through your safety checklist before heading off 3. Make sure that the lighting system of the caravan works properly

4. Do not drive faster than 50 mph while towing

5. Make sure you have enough room when cornering and avoid sudden manoeuvres

6. Always have someone to guide you when reversing

7. Parking on any kind of slope is not recommended

8. Always chock the caravan’s wheels when parking and apply the car’s parking brake

9. Make sure the person placing / removing the chocks from your wheels stands to one side

10. Always carefully read the caravan manufacturer's instructions vrolet made this guide together with The National Caravanning Council, The Camping and Caravan Club and Elddis Caravans, the caravan manufacturer based in the UK.

Chevrolet created the first SUV in the 1930s with the Suburban, an iconic name spanning seven decades and still going strong in the US.

Chevrolet Captiva owners currently have plenty of choices, with options for five or seven seats and all- or front-wheel drive. The 2011 model adds to those choices with four new engines paired with a new six-speed transmission, a 2.4 litre gas motor, a 258 hp / 3.0 litre V6, and two versions of its 2.2 litre turbo-diesel.

With these changes and enhancements, the new Captiva still maintains the benefits of its three rows of adjustable, theatre seating that can accommodate up to seven comfortably and its electronic controlled all-wheel drive that can distribute power as needed.

When the Captiva first entered the market at the end of 2006, it signified a turning point for Chevrolet. It signified that Chevrolet intended to become part of the mainstream and highly competitive European market. Four years later, the Captiva introduced many to the Chevrolet brand who have come to appreciate its style, quality, and amazing flexibility.

Captiva capturing the spirit of an age

The Captiva’s appeal is that it can fulfil shopping responsibilities one day, transport half a football team to a match the next, followed by off-roading or a beach trip on the weekend.

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