Chrysler previews 2 Jeep Wrangler-based concepts set for Easter Jeep Safari

Article by Christian Andrei, on April 4, 2011

For the month of April, Chrysler has been displaying customized off-road concept vehicles at the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. And for this year, Chrysler is bringing several Jeep and Ram vehicles to Moab this year. But so far, only sketches of two Jeep Wrangler-based concepts have been released. The first concept is named Renegade.

It appears to be based on the 1971 CJ-5 Renegade 1 model and has been fitted with parts from Mopar’s aftermarket catalog. The Renegade has been given a paint job that features a gold-on-black paint scheme. It also has a suspension lift and a bigger wheel/tire package (including matching gold five-spoke aluminum wheels) as well as rock rails and a front brush bar.

The concept seems to have been installed with the American Expedition Vehicles’ muscular heat reduction hood, making it highly possible that the show vehicle will be powered by something more potent than the standard 3.8-liter V-6. It’s likely that this vehicle will be given a Hemi V-8 engine (an improved conversion AEV).

It’s believed that Jeep officials are considering this as a production option in the future. On the other hand, the second concept, which is dubbed the Porkchop by Mopar, is reminiscent of the original Renegade and other 1960s special-edition Jeeps. It has an exterior that’s neat, slim, and simple. The concept is devoid of top, bumpers, doors, and bumpers.

It features a two-tone paint scheme (silver with red accent striping and interior) and it rides on large five-spoke torque-thrust wheels. The front axle may be set forward to extend the Porkchop’s wheelbase but it’s difficult to confirm with just the rendering. The Easter Jeep Safari runs from April 16 to 24.

One of the "Moparized" Jeep vehicles for the 2011 Moab Easter Jeep Safari is the Jeep Wrangler 'Pork Chop'. Its development was mainly focused on taking the Wrangler's off-road enjoyment and performance to a new level by achieving significant weight savings. The Pork Chop project commenced using a new 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport as basis. To make this vehicle much lighter, there was a need to get rid of an array of original elements like doors, top, bumpers, tailgate, sway bars and even carpet.

Likewise, the rear tailgate hinges and latches were removed and a custom surround was created. Also, the fender panels of 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport were reshaped while its tail lamps were moved closer to each other.

Mopar then created a new custom-made roll cage for the project and even reduced the height of the windshield by two inches. Moreover, the project was specified with aluminum bumpers from Hanson Bumpers, a prototype aluminum-carbon fiber hood from QMC, and aluminum hood latches from Drake.

Also new to the project are lightweight fender-flares, slush mats, an aluminum cold-air intake kit and mirror relocation brackets. On the other hand, the cabin of the project was made lighter thanks to the bright red 'Chrono Road' lightweight reclining bucket seats from Sparco.

Mopar was also able make the project lighter by a set of long tube headers and dual-exhaust with an integrated H-pipe from Gale Banks as well as a prototype rear-mounted 20-gallon fuel tank and aluminum skid plate from Gen-Right.

The Pork Chop project was also fitted with a smaller evaporation canister for the emissions system found in the 2012 Fiat 500. Because most of the Pork Chop have been made lighter, it was more than enough to lift the suspension that includes two-inch shocks with reservoirs from Bilstein and air bumps at all four corners from TeraFlex. Both front and rear axles -- fitted with 4.88 gears -- of the Pork Chop project are lightweight ProRock 44s from Dynatrac Axles designed lightweight ProRock 44.

These axles are located with aluminum control arms from Full Traction. Their air lockers and prototype aluminum differential covers are available courtesy of ARB. The Jeep Wrangler Pork Chop rides on Mickey Thompson’s 35-inch Baja Claw radials fitted with lightweight 17x8 E-T Vintage V wheels. Overall, the resulting Jeep Wrangler Pork Chop is more than 850 lbs. lighter than the 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sport.

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