Dacia Lodgy Glace gets third-place finish in opening race at Val Thorens

Article by Christian A., on December 19, 2011

The Dacia Lodgy Glace achieved a third-place finish in its first competitive outing during the opening race of Val Thorens in France at the hands of driver Evens Stievenart. Despite complex conditions mainly due to lack of ice, drivers Evens Stievenart, Alain Prost, and Nicolas Prost, managed to showcase the remarkable ability of the latest challenger from Team Dacia. The competition continues in Andorra and the team expects lighter placing.

The Val Thorens track had an adequate layer of ice even if wintry conditions in the French Alps still had to settle. This enabled the three drivers of the team to show the ability of the Dacia Lodgy Glace to perform on the type of surface that it was initially designed. This is still the first weekend of the race but even with the delicate conditions of track, it has taught Team Dacia a lot. The initial results show what appears to be an exciting championship competition with at least 10 drivers having the chance to compete for the title.

Stievenart, who finished 3rd, shared that it was a lesson learned considering that despite the conditions, he drove as if he was on ice though it would have been appropriate to use a racing driving style. He added that on the positive side, he managed to score the necessary points and get a better idea of the potential of the Dacia Lodgy Glace. It was satisfying still to finish third in the provisional standings.

The team will continue to work together to make sure that Alain Prost can catch up with the leaders on what is already a very competitive championship, concluded Stievenart. Eighth placer Alain Prost revealed that he had a chance to win during the second qualifying heat but he lost the chance on the last lap. Despite merely losing a tenth of a second, it was enough to drop him from the lead to a third place finish.

Even then, the team was able to show everyone that it could fight for the title with the Dacia already claiming a podium finish. The Dacia Lodgy Glace clearly has the potential to succeed, Alain Prost revealed. The level of the car is clearly very high and while it was indeed heartbreaking to know that it could have gotten more points than it did, there is still a long way to go before the race season ends.

Finally, Nicolas Prost who placed 21st said that the race conditions were indeed different with the road having fewer ruts and more exposed asphalt. Nicolas Prost though added that it was better for him since it made the car jump less. Nicolas Prost said that he has really learned so much and will now look at the data collected a little closer to prepare for the next race. Nicolas Prost concluded that his win at the final was good for morale.

Press Release

Podium success for Dacia Lodgy Glace

The first competitive outing of Dacia Lodgy Glace saw it take to the podium thanks to a top-three finish in the hands of Evens Stievenart, who was third in the opening race at Val Thorens in France.

Conditions were made complex by a lack of ice, but Alain Prost, Nicolas Prost and Evens Stievenart all succeeded in showcasing the ability of Team Dacia’s latest challenger which was competitive out of the box. Action continues next week in the principality of Andorra where Team Dacia will be looking for an ever lighter placing.

Although wintry conditions had yet to settle in the French Alps, the track at Val Thorens featured a satisfactory layer of ice which allowed all three drivers to give Dacia Lodgy Glace its maiden run on the type of surface for which it was designed.

The first weekend of the season taught the team a great deal, despite the delicate track conditions, but the results point to an exciting championship to come, with 10 or so drivers capable of challenging for the title.

Evens Stievenart (3th): “I continued to drive as though I was on ice, but a racing driving style would have been more appropriate. That’s a lesson for the future. The positives are that I’ve scored points and been able to get an idea of Dacia Lodgy Glace’s potential. I am third in the provisional Trophée Andros standings, so that’s satisfying. We will work as a team to ensure that Alain Prost catches up with the leaders to challenge for what promises to be an extremely competitive championship.”

Alain Prost (8th): “I had a good chance of winning the second qualifying heat but my chances took a blow on my last lap. The tenths of a second I lost were enough to drop me from first to third place. We showed that we will be able to fight for the title and Dacia has already claimed a podium finish. The car clearly has potential. The level is very high and it’s a shame that we didn’t come away with more points than we did, but there’s a long way to go before the end of the season.”

Nicolas Prost (21th): “The conditions were different on sunday. There was more exposed asphalt and fewer ruts. That suited me better because the car jumped about less. I learnt so much this weekend. I now need to take a close look at all the data we collected in order to up my game in Andorra next weekend. It was great for morale to win my final.”

Val Thorens 1 – final positions: 1, Benjamin Rivière (Skoda Fabia). 2, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III). 3, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace). 4, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia). 5, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman). 6, Nicolas Bernardi (Ford Fiesta). 7, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III). 8, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia). 9, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace). 10, Didier Thoral (Toyota Auris)… 23, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace). Etc.

Val Thorens 2 – final positions: 1, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia). 2, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman). 3, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III). 4, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia). 5, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace). 6, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace). 7, Julien Maurin (Ford Fiesta). 8, Jacques Villeneuve (Skoda Fabia). 9, Bertrand Balas (Mini Countryman). 10, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III)… 19, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace). Etc.

Provisional Trophée Andros standings: 1, Olivier Panis (Skoda Fabia), 150 points. 2, Jean-Philippe Dayraut (Mini Countryman), 147. 3, Evens Stievenart (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 144. 4, Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (Renault Clio III), 143. 5, Franck Lagorce (Skoda Fabia), 142. 6, Pierre Llorach (Renault Clio III), 141. 7, Benjamin Rivière (Skoda Fabia), 136. 8, Alain Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 136. 9, Nicolas Bernardi (Ford Fiesta), 129… 21, Nicolas Prost (Dacia Lodgy Glace), 91. Etc.

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