E-Car Club acquires 3 Nissan Leafs for its scheme in Milton Keynes

Article by Anita Panait, on October 13, 2012

E-Car Club, a recently launched nationwide electric car club in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, has acquired three Nissan Leaf electric vehicles to be a part of its E-Car scheme. The club will be offering residents and business in Milton a chance to hire a Leaf for around £5.50 per hour. Members who signed with the scheme will be given a smart card and pin code.

After booking a vehicle online, by phone or on their mobile, a member can just walk to where a Leaf is parked, then tap the smart card on a reader in the screen, unplug the charging cable and drive away with the EV. E-Car’s mission is to increase mobility while cutting travel costs and carbon dioxide emissions. E-Car is launching a similar scheme in North Oxford later this autumn, and is planning to acquire two Nissan Leafs for it.

Businesses are provided with three methods to access a Leaf through the E-Car scheme. The “Pay as you Go” method requires businesses to join E-Car Club and add drivers to their account. They will receive a monthly itemized billing on account holder’s usage hours. The “Business Account” method offers a business account a 20% discount and the ability to block book vehicles in advance if it hires a vehicle for a few hours per week.

Usage is tracked online while costs are invoiced monthly. The “E-Car hosting” meanwhile is applicable when a hub is not available locally. It allows businesses to provide a publicly accessible parking space for a vehicle, with E-Car taking care of the rest. Businesses can extend or replace their existing fleet with zero emission vehicles with E-Car managing the fleet on their behalf.

Serving as the heart of the new Nissan Leaf is an electric motor that develops 80 kW of max output and 280 Nm of peak torque, which in turn gets its juice from a laminated compact lithium-ion battery. With this power level, the new Nissan Leaf is able to deliver highly responsive and enjoyable drive at the same level as conventionally powered vehicles equipped with internal combustion engines (ICE).

As an all-electric vehicle, the new Nissan Leaf emits no carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, thus there is need for a tail pipe. The EV’s powerful lithium-ion battery pack as well as by its regenerative braking system allows the new Leaf to travel more than 160 km (100 miles) on one single charge. This full electric range is more than enough to satisfy the daily driving requirements of over 70 percent of drivers around the world, according to extensive consumer research. Interestingly, it is possible to recharge the new Nissan Leaf up to 80 percent of its battery capacity in less than half an hour using a quick charger. However, charging using a 200V outlet could take around eight hours, which is just ample time for a good overnight sleep.

Nissan’s engineers and designers made sure that the new Nissan Leaf is a real-world car that is accessible enough for consumers to adopt. Nissan hopes that this new EV would allow it to become a leader in the new world of zero-emission mobility. Aside from featuring an electric drive, the new Nissan Leaf is underpinned by a new chassis and body layout, thereby making sure that it is comfortable and is spacious enough to accommodate its passengers and their luggage.

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