Ferrari not thinking of a facelift for 599 GTB, but a completely new car

Article by Christian Andrei, on May 8, 2011

Ferrari had only set out to give the 599 a facelift for the 2012 but FF made such a good impression that the company will now replace the 599. Its look takes inspiration from the FF and it offers a significantly better performance. Ferrari is targeting a completion date of late 2012. Its V-12 engine is expected to have an output of 700hp.

In the FF, 6.3 liters can be displaced and it will feature natural aspiration and a limit that’s estimated at 8500-rpm. This engine is actually a stronger version of the power unit. It features direct fuel injection, which can be interpreted to mean that it will exceed the performance of the current 599 while providing significant fuel economy gains.

Performance also gets a boost because of the drop in weight. This model is built on an aluminum frame, which comprises about 20 different alloys to achieve the best local qualities of joint strength, weight, energy absorption, panel finish, and stiffness.

Ferrari’s rivals, McLaren and Lamborghini, have turned to carbonfiber but Ferrari has stuck to aluminum. That’s because Ferrari has made huge investments in facilities that build cars out of aluminum and doesn’t think of the material as a second-class solution.

Ferrari technical director Roberto Fedeli said that the situation is comparable to what’s happening in the aircraft industry, where Boeing is focused on carbon but Airbus is staying with metals. He admitted though that the 599 replacement will feature several composite panels.

The new 599 will also get a boost when it comes to refinement and comfort due to a multi-link rear axle and seven-speed dual-clutch transaxle, which have been used by the California, 458, and FF. These cars have a great range, which includes the GT as well as a true sports car, indicating that these systems may be adopted so that the 599 will have a track-biased positioning that’s sportier than the FF.

One look at the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and it is clear that it is a stunningly sculptural car. Its design is so flexible that looking at it from different angles will always bring about something new. When it comes to form, it displays sportiness but it continues to have that distinct sophistication. For the interior, the brand made sure to balance its sporty ability with that sense of intimacy and safety.

This was made possible with the use of skilled hand-crafting as well as detailed personalization. While the areas for the passengers are adorned in luxurious leather, the driver zone and the control make use of high-tech detailing like aluminum and carbon-fiber. Aside from the manettino and the steering wheel, the central rev counter that now comes in a choice of either yellow or red background, and the passenger controls in aluminum, the 599 GTB Fiorano will also have new styling cues.

This includes the new adaptive racing seats that have the carbon-fiber side rests and the central grip that helps passengers get the additional support. Equipped as standard are the bi-xenon headlamps in the front and the LED lights for the rear. There is also the steering wheel column that is electronically adjustable, dusk and rain sensors, and the dual-zone climate control. Standard as well are the hideaway radio/CD player and the key that has been integrated with the volumetric anti-theft device as well as motion sensors.

Another advantage of the 599 GTB Fiorano is the wide selection of customization options for each of the Ferrari model. Under this program, four areas are included. These are: Interior and Materials, Exterior and Colors, Equipment and Travel, and Racing and Track. For the Interior and Materials options, it will have the carbon-fiber steering wheel that is clearly inspired by the Enzo Ferrari. The steering wheel will come with LED rev display which can be specified with the carbon-fiber trim kit for its gear stick surround, sill kick panels, door panels, and instrument panel.

Different types of leather trim will be offered as well for the interior and the seats. Meanwhile the Travel and Equipment accessories will have an iPod-friendly set-up, parking sensors on the front and the rear, and satellite anti-theft system. It will even include a luggage set made specifically to fit this particular model. Under the Racing and Track option, it will have the Carbon Ceramic Material brakes, cockpit roll-bar, four-point harnesses, and the one-piece Challenge 20-inch rims with the run-flat tyres. Aimed at sportier clients, the colored brake calipers and the Scuderia wheel arch shields complete this particular package.

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