Fisker Karma deliveries delayed as firm waits for the emissions regulations certification

Article by Christian Andrei, on September 16, 2011

By the end of the month, Fisker Automotive will begin to provide U.S. dealers with demonstration models. The company is supported by a venture capital of $1 billion and some low-cost U.S. government loans but the delivery targets for its first product are missing. Sources told Ward's Auto that the delivery of the test vehicles relies on whether it receives a final emissions regulations certification from federal regulators.

Henrik Fisker, the company’s founder and CEO, had promised the car back in September last year. Since then, Fisker had postponed the delivery date to March 2011.

Fisker then decided to move it further to September. Several dealers don’t expect for their orders to be filled until the first week of November.

Mark Harding, sales manager at Fisker Santa Monica, a part of the Sullivan Automotive Group in Southern California, said that there is a strong interest in the vehicle and that it can’t arrive soon enough. Harding divulged that 100 Karma units have been presold by his dealership and that there are 50 more on the waiting list.

Ryan Moore, brand manager at Fisker Palm Beach, which is a part of the Palm Beach, FL, Motor Cars group, said that within the next several weeks, it will start to receive Karma deliveries, starting with as many as five of the first 100 Signature Series models that Henrik Fisker autographed.

The final arrival of Fisker Karma is eagerly awaited by dealers and customers alike. Moore helps in managing one of the most successful Jaguar and Aston Martin stores in the country. Moore anticipates that the Fisker outlet will “perform very well” in its market too.

Fisker Karma was the first to introduce the plug-in hybrid sports car in the world. Fisker Automotive’s Q-DRIVE is known for its combined low emission, fuel efficient and powerful engine system. This technology consists of dual 201hp electric motor run by lithium ion battery that you can charge from any electric power outlet.

The average consumption for a fully charged Q-DRIVE system can go as far as 100 miles/gallon. As a matter of fact, Fisker’s powerful engine can go from 0-60mph in 5.8 seconds or as fast as 125mph at top speed. To operate the Q-DRIVE, the driver only needs to choose between the Sport Mode and the Stealth mode function.

The electric-driven, emission-free Stealth Mode can run up to 50 miles while the Ecotec-powered Sport Mode range can reach a total of 300 miles. Meanwhile, the extended range is backed by a powerful generator with 2Litre Ecotec direct injection (260hp) turbo charged gasoline engine.

Currently, Fisker’s prototype model is undergoing quite a few changes. The upper grill and air intakes are much bigger now for better airflow. There is also the new aerodynamic diffuser at the rear to help in cooling down the drivetrain.

Of course, the outside design can’t be without Fisker’s signature proportions and sculpture styling techniques. Fisker Karma’s very uniquely low and wider stance is already a given fact. However, this feature is even more enhanced with its slightly raised fenders for a fuller view. All Fisker models are also equipped with the world’s best solar panel glass roofs to bring in the benefits of solar technology to driving.

To sum up everything, Fisker’s technology is all about performance. Each hybrid sedan is built with powerful electrohydraulic disc brakes with matching strong lateral grips for the wide tyres. On the other hand, the low centre of gravity principle is supported by an A-arm suspension technology for optimum driving experience.

Henrik Fisker, (Fisker Automotive’s CEO) described how it is essential for them to stick to the brand’s signature standards from start to finish. Therefore, Fisker only uses the same elements when it comes to materials, sculpture and proportions. He further explained how they want to build a new breed of car that is not only friendly to the environment but will also make it to the most covetable cars in its class.

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