Hellboy Edo Panamera S is a mean Porsche

Article by Christian A., on October 18, 2011

Edo Competition unveiled today its most powerful Porsche Panamera S: behold the Hellboy Edo Panamera S. First of all we’ll start with the engine – as you may know already, the standard Panamera S is powered by a direct-injected V8 engine delivering 294 kW/400 hp but now the ppower was increased to 342 kW/465 hp and 550 Nm of torque, enabling the car to sprint from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.6 seconds and reach a top speed of over 305 km/h (190 mph).

The new performance figures were obtained thanks to a new pressure-monitoring and self-adjusting exhaust system with butterfly valves, some ECU tweaking as well as a new set of air filters.

Regarding the aerodynamics, we find a carbon fiber front skirt with integrated daytime running lights with larger air intakes, a new carbon fiber front lip, new side sills, a carbon fiber rear skirt, new side mirrors and fender vents as well as a ducktail spoiler, reminiscent of the iconic Carrera RS.

Moreover, the suspension was also recalibrated and EDO installed an electronic lowering module that can bring the car with up to 30 mm closer to the ground.

The design of the Hellboy Edo Panamera S is completed by the ultra-lightweight forged 21 inch wheels wrapped in high performance tires.

Inside the Hellboy can offer new steering wheels, center and shifter consoles, pedals, seats or custom upholstery work, which means that the possibilities are endless.

For the first time in its long history, Porsche is finally offering its first four-door Gran Turismo. Created from scratch, the new Porsche Panamera manages to set new standards for its class not only because of the excellent fuel economy mixed with superior performance but there is also the generous comfort provided by the four seats and the wide array of equipment and features, all exclusive for this model. Indeed, each of the different variants under the Panamera line-up delivers to the luxury performance segment various new standards that include efficiency.

Each will be fitted with the low-friction Direct Fuel Injection drive systems and will have lightweight bodies. The lighter weight is an important feature as even its top version, which is the Panamera Turbo, has a weight that does not go beyond 2,000 kilograms, around 4,410 pounds. This is truly a light weight considering the many features equipped as standard.

To make sure that the Panamera has even lower fuel consumption, and with it reduced CO2 emissions, all variants that have the Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe will now come with the Auto Start-Stop function. What this does is to immediately turn the engine off should the car come to a stop. This includes situations like being trapped in a traffic jam or during a red light at a traffic stop.

Generally the system activates once the driver presses on the brake pedal and once the driver lets go of it, the engine is immediately started again. This results in a significant decrease when it comes to fuel consumption. For the Panamera, there are five technological innovations, all of which are seen for the first time inside a production model that is under the luxury performance segment.

The first is the start-stop system that works well with the automatic transmission and the second is the adaptive air suspension that comes with extra on-demand volume for each of its springs. The third innovation is that it offers Sport Chrono Package, which by merely pressing a button, allows the engine, transmission, and the suspension, plus the other parts, to deliver a more dynamic and sporting set-up.

Then there is the active aerodynamics which is made possible by having the spoiler in the rear automatically move up and thus enable the air flow angle to be adjusted. Finally the fifth innovation is the double-clutch gearbox, a first for this segment. With these five innovations working with the PDK, the Launch Control makes sure that the Panamera will have the best and fastest acceleration there is.

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