Honda delays the launch of the 2012 CIvic in Europe due to Thailand floods

Article by Christian Andrei, on November 5, 2011

The floods in Thailand have led to parts shortages that have forced Honda to postpone the European launch of the new Civic compact hatchback. At a recent press event, John Kingston, Honda Europe manager for corporate affairs, told Automotive News Europe that the company is “closely watching” the supply chain situation.

He added that Honda is worried that the introduction of the new Civic will be delayed by three to four weeks. Traditionally, the Civic is Honda’s top-selling model in Europe.

However, the Jazz had outperformed the current version this year. Honda's factory in southern England is where the European Civic is produced. Earlier in the week, Honda said that Swindon production will be reduced since several Asian suppliers can’t maintain parts production. The floods had interrupted the flow of parts to production operations in Europe as well as in other regions.

Honda had plans to start the European production of the ninth-generation Civic in the U.K. and Germany in the later part of January. Honda will start to ship the units by the end of February. JATO Dynamics said that in the first nine months of the year, western Europe sales of the Civic dropped by 29% to 27,882 units. In the same period, there was a 15% drop in Jazz sales to 38,422 units.

Civic has long been Honda’s most well-known and popular product. It is a compact that is not only stylish and sporty but also durable and fuel efficient, in addition to being one that is really fun to drive. No wonder this model has become the most trusted and most loved member of the global transportation family with figures showing that since it was first launched back in 1973 and until 2010, a total of 8.8 million customers have had the chance to experience driving it.

One reason why it has become celebrated is because it caters to the entire public spectrum, not just one group, of automotive drivers. It includes, for example, families that have young children or even high school graduates or college students who are starting to experience what being an adult is.

The Civic also appeals to a wide range of professions from soccer moms, schoolteachers, environmentalist, and even those who love cars that display performance. Clearly it gets the interest of different demographics, be it baby boomers, retirees, or those from Generation Y. Location is not even a hindrance as the Civic has been seen in the Midwest, Sunbelt states, Snow Belt stats, and even going as far as Alaska or Hawaii.

There is a simple reason why the Civic continues to charm a large group of people and this is because all of them have one thing in common, which is that all of them are basically young at heart.

When it comes to do it, while the Civic does have a number of excellent qualities like comfort, durability, economy, safety, and style, it remains to be a vehicle that is truly fun to drive. With this, Honda will be releasing the 9th generation which is the 2012 Civic. Much like the generations before it, this one was also developed by following a specific development theme.

For this generation, Honda wanted the 2012 Civic to display the basic idea of a compact that is unique and futuristic. Honda believes that with this vision, the new version will be able to set new values that go beyond the needs of the present day while elevating to a new level the experience symbolized by this range. Some of the big enhancements include improving the fuel economy for all the models and putting in new interactive technologies aimed at convenience and personalization.

Performance was improved as well, along with the interior packaging and ride. Under the 2012 Civic range, Honda knew that the automotive environment, over the last 10 years, was evolving in a rapid manner. There was for example higher interest when it came to lower emissions, better fuel economy, and of course, overall affordability.

All of these qualities have long been part of what makes the Civic so popular. For the 2012 Civic, all of these are still present with a choice of 6 versions from one that displays high performance to another that offers ultra-high efficiency. By having specific models, Honda made sure that the new Civic would be able to meet the individual preferences and needs of the customer.

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