Infiniti establishes a new global headquarters in Hong Kong

Article by Christian Andrei, on November 3, 2011

The new global headquarters of Infiniti, the luxury brand of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., will be in Hong Kong. Infiniti has set a goal for the brand to increase worldwide sales to 500,000 vehicles annually as part of Nissan Power 88, the six-year mid-term plan of its parent. The growth strategy of Infiniti is driven in part by the demand in China as well as other markets in Asia that are quickly growing. By consolidating Infiniti’s global downstream functions in Hong Kong, the automaker believes that these markets could be served better.

Infiniti’s new headquarters will also be where Nissan Global Company Limited (NGL), the new corporate entity, will be based. Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., said that as Infiniti expands its presence in the global luxury markets of North America, Europe, China and South East Asia, it was Hong Kong that was determined to be the best location for its headquarters.

He added that Infiniti has grabbed the chance to strengthen Infiniti’s “Asian hospitality,” something that’s distinct from Nissan and its rivals in the luxury market. He went on to say that Infiniti is proud to call Hong Kong as its home.

Nissan’s new corporate facility in Hong Kong that’s co-located with the Infiniti headquarters will begin running in April 2012. According to the NGL structure, Nissan corporate functions that are based in the city will have a significant role in attaining the strategic objectives stated in Nissan Power 88.

The Hong Kong office is tasked to fulfill Nissan’s Global Marketing Communications function, among others. It is reasonable that Hong Kong has been chosen since it is regarded as an international media center. From Hong Kong, the global marketing communications team will be able to serve major markets across China, India and the ASEAN region.

Infiniti, as a newcomer in the luxury automotive market, is more than ready to take up the challenge of facing the traditional executive car hierarchy. The brand expects to achieve this with a performance saloon that comes with a new style and overflows with craftsmanship, driver appeal, and passion.

Specifically, the brand will be introducing in 2010 to the European market its new Infiniti M. With this new line, it will bring this saloon range, which includes the G37, to Europe at a level that is higher, be it the interior, exterior, and performance on the road.

Under the Infiniti M, customers are likely to see that this saloon, having an overall length of 4,945 mm, comes with rear-wheel-drive and is combined with excellent luxury. Going inside, it becomes clear that there is more than enough space and it has been designed and finished in the best way that the brand had to offer.

Since the M Line is considered as its flagship saloon, Infiniti made sure that it was unique like with how the flowing lines are used on its profile. It is clearly inspired by the Essence concept car. That the natural materials utilized have integrity is more than guaranteed.

Then there is the promise of experiencing hassle-free ownership. Some of the features fitted in the new Infiniti M are considered as firsts in the industry like the advanced Safety Shield.

It even shows that the brand remains to be committed with its promise to deliver a rewarding drive and passionate design. The latest version of its Inspired Performance in the Infiniti M version will be made available in 34 markets around the world, which includes Western Europe.

This new Infiniti M Line though which combines the typical Infiniti sophistication with technology, power, and performance, will be unveiled first in the U.S. before sales in Europe are scheduled to begin, which will be by September 2010.

Infiniti hopes that the M Line will serve as an alternative to the already established models in the executive class like the Mercedes E-Class or the BMW 5-Series. The version going on sale in Europe will be offered in either a petrol engine version or a diesel-powered one. A petrol-electric hybrid variant though is expected to become part of the line by 2011 in Europe.

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