Infiniti M to receive two four-cylinder engines in Europe

Article by Christian Andrei, on December 14, 2011

The Infiniti M hasn’t been selling well in Europe. To turn things around in 2012, Infiniti will be offering two Mercedes-sourced four-cylinder engines – the turbocharged 204hp 1.8 in the C250 CGI and the 170hp 2.1 turbodiesel that’s used on the C220 CDI. These two versions will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. Infiniti has yet to reveal pricing. The current Infiniti M is available in Europe with either a 320hp 3.7 gasoline V6 or a 238hp diesel V6.

Its hybrid version produces 365hp from a 3.5 V6. U.S. buyers will not be fazed by these figures but it’s a different story for those in Europe since cars are frequently taxed based (or at least partly-based) on their engine displacement. The fact that gasoline is priced several times higher is a major issue as well.

Daimler and Renault-Nissan already have an arrangement that makes this collaboration possible. There may be a project where these two automakers will be working even more closely. It’s believed that they will develop a small Infiniti hatchback that’s built on the same platform as the next-generation Mercedes A-Class and is expected to debut at around 2014.

The saloon range of Infiniti in Europe includes excellent models like the Infiniti G37. With the introduction of the Infiniti M Line, it is expected that this range will be taken to new heights not only with its road performance but also on both the exterior and interior features. Since it is aimed to be the brand’s flagship saloon, the M Line carries that unique feature which makes it an Infiniti.

With the flowing lines inspired from the profile of the Essence concept car combined with the reliability of the natural materials that were utilized, it delivers on the promise of an ownership experience that is truly hassle-free. Having a total length of 4,945 mm, there is no question that it offers enough space inside a cabin that has been designed and then finished in a remarkable manner.

The M Line brings with it flawless luxury qualities mixed in with a rear-wheel-drive posture. Considering that many drivers are particularly demanding, the new M Line was able to meet these by using the brand’s key strengths. Examples of these include having a refined design for the chassis that gives it a near perfect weight distribution with a race-bred engine design and the use of adaptive technology.

Helping as well is the use of lightweight parts and the double-wishbone suspension with the 4-Wheel Active Steering, the handling technology typically seen in some of the brand’s models. The M Line also benefits from having what may be considered as the longest wheelbase for its class aside from the ride, appearance, and the available space in the cabin.

This will be the third generation of the M Line and since it is the brand’s most beautiful saloon ever and is equipped with the latest technological features, Infiniti hopes that it will introduce to Europe the impeccable reputation of many luxury car owners in the U.S. when it comes to quality. The new M model was designed and then equipped keeping in mind that it is aimed to be successful in one of the most difficult executive car markets.

The brand is able to do this by getting the qualities that made it celebrated in the U.S. and then mixed it with the high-performance capacity that is required when driving through the roads of Europe.

Sales for the new M are scheduled to start in the U.S. market by the spring of 2010. However before that it will be unveiled first, in the metal, at Beverly Hills in California. This new Infiniti M though first made its debut during August of this year as a virtual car that was made in 3D through video mapping. By doing this, the brand is setting the stage for a number of firsts that the new M Line is expected to offer.

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