Infiniti’s FX lineup for 2011 gets Lane Departure Prevention for safety

Article by Christian Andrei, on April 7, 2011

What Infiniti has prepared for its consumers in Europe for 2011 is a new FX lineup that’s safer, more luxurious, and comes with improved equipment. The FX is already Infiniti’s most popular model in the continent and it is much admired for its unique merging of a sporty appearance and a dynamic drive.

But for the newest FX37 and FX50 in the Premium version, Infiniti is installing the safety technology Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). With this move, the FX50 S Premium equipment levels are standardized through all three FX engines for the first time.

These engines include the 235bhp V6 diesel, 316bhp V6 petrol and 385bhp V8 petrol.

Additional improvements include power tailgate as well as new color and trim combinations. The Lane Departure Prevention had been previously offered only on the FX30d. In fact, this model is where the safety system debuted in 2010. Earlier this year, Euro NCAP chose this safety system to be the winner of its Advanced Award. According to Euro NCAP, this honor is given to innovations that have been proven to have a “scientifically proven safety benefit” for the society as well as its consumers.

The FX has demonstrated just how safe it is after getting a five-star rating from Euro NCAP after it went through crash tests. LDP’s advantage over other systems is that it offers a dynamic intervention as a backup to its audible and visual warnings of an unintentional lane departure. This helps return the vehicle to the correct lane.

Starting in 2011, LDP will be offered as standard on FX37 GT Premium and S Premium, and FX50 S Premium, and even on the Premium versions of the FX30d. All of the FX models will also get a power tailgate standard on all models, raising the convenience and improving the access to the luggage area.

Using the door in restricted spaces won’t be a problem as the height the tailgate opens to can be adjusted. To make using it even easier, raising or lowering the tailgate can be done via a switch on the dashboard, from buttons whether inside or outside the tailgate, or remotely (by using the I-Key).

Press Release


The Infiniti FX, the performance brand’s most popular model in Europe, is a safer, better equipped and even more luxurious proposition for 2011.

Acclaimed for its distinctive combination of athletic looks and dynamic drive, the latest FX37 and FX50 in top-selling Premium guise gain the award-winning safety technology Lane Departure Prevention (LDP). The move standardises for the first time Premium equipment levels across all three FX engines – 235bhp V6 diesel, 316bhp V6 petrol and 385bhp V8 petrol of the range’s flagship model, the FX50 S Premium.

Other enhancements include a power tailgate for the first time and new colour and trim combinations.

Top safety honour

Previously available only on the FX30d on which the innovative safety system made its debut in 2010, Lane Departure Prevention was chosen by Euro NCAP earlier in 2011 to receive its coveted Advanced Award. Euro NCAP’s top honour goes toinnovations “which demonstrate a scientifically proven safety benefit for consumers and society.” The FX has already shown its safety credentials with a five-star Euro NCAP crash test result.

Unlike other systems, LDP backs up its audible and visual warnings of an unintended lane departure with a dynamic intervention which helps steer the vehicle back into the correct lane.

From 2011MY, LDP is standard-fit on FX37 GT Premium and S Premium, and FX50 S Premium, as well as Premium versions of the FX30d.

Enhanced convenience

A power tailgate standard on all models enhances the FX’s already impressive convenience and aids access to the luggage space. The height the tailgate opens to is programmable so there are no concerns when operating the door in restricted spaces. For maximum ease of use, the tailgate can be raised or lowered from a switch on the dashboard, from buttons both inside and outside the tailgate, or remotely from the I-Key.

For the first time on the FX, Infiniti’s opulent Malbec Black paint is one of the eight colours available. The popular finish, which replaces Mojave Copper on the FX colour chart, suits the FX’s SUV-cum-sports-car profile particularly well. Like all the FX colours, Malbec Black is a Scratch-shield finish, the Infiniti technology that makes fine surface scratches disappear and keeps the body looking pristine.

Technical specifications don't change which means that performance remains one of the FX’s main attributes, whether it’s the 550 Nm of torque doing the work in the diesel FX30d or the 385bhp of V8 power that can see the FX50 accelerate from 0-62mph in just 5.8 seconds.

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