Lamborghini aims to set new standards with its upcoming SUV

Article by Anita Panait, on May 11, 2012

There is no stopping Lamborghini from transforming its Urus sports utility vehicle from a concept this year into a production model no later than early 2017. According to Lamborghini R&D Director Maurizio Reggiani, in an interview with Automotive News Europe, the company has given instructions to turn the Urus into a production model that would the best-performing and lightest vehicle in its category.

 Lamborghini, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, unveiled the Urus concept at the Beijing International Motor Show in April. The Italian supercar maker expects to receive the go-signal for the development of the Urus into a production SUV before the end of 2012. Lamborghini expects the Urus production model to become its top-selling model with an annual volume of 3,000, mainly because of the strong consumer demand in the United States, China, Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

Lamborghini posted a worldwide sales volume of only 1,600 units in 2011. Lamborghini, as well as sister brand Bentley and Italian competitor Maserati, are aiming to copy the feat achieved by Porsche with its Cayenne sports utility vehicle.

Cayenne now accounts for more than half of Porsche’s global sales.  Lamborghini chief executive Stephan Winkelmann expressed optimism for the company’s future in the SUV segment, saying that it poses the “biggest growth potential and the highest emotion.” The Urus production model is expected to use VW Group’s large SUV platform, the PL73.

The same platform will also be used for the next-generation Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne and VW Touareg. Bentley will also be using the PL73 platform to develop a production SUV out of its EXP 9 F concept, which the company unveiled at the Geneva auto show in March. Like Lamborghini, Bentley is also waiting for approval from its VW Group parent to commence the development of the SUV.  As for the Urus, Lamborghini set its target weight at less than 2,000kg, making it around 200kg lighter than any of the current SUV models.

With a reputation as the most legendary SUV ever built, the Lamborghini LM002 remained in production until 1992. Though, only a few were ever built (300 units to be exact) the LM002 has safeguarded its place in automotive history. Because it is a Lamborghini, a brand from Sant'Agata Bolognese, the LM002 is an all-wheel vehicle that has super luxurious DNA.

Unveiled in 1986, the Rambo Lambo was an absolute revolutionary off-road car equipped with a twelve-cylinder engine, a 450-horsepower engine, gravity-defying top speed of more than 210 km/h, a lavish interior and, above all, an unquestionably exquisite presence – that was a mere fantasy at that time.

With Lamborghini Urus, the designers and engineers have created a new major game-changer in automotive history. But first things first. Traditionally derived from the world of bulls, the Lamborghini Urus borrowed its name from one of the large, wild ancestors of domestic cattles, the Aurochs; which have an imposing height of 1.8 meters at the shoulder.

Appearance-wise, the Urus is very close to the Spanish fighting bull, as bred for the past 500 years. Imagine that scary-looking Spanish bull, but only larger. The Urus is surely a thing of nightmares! But when you think about it, the name is very fitting considering the Lamborghini Urus is almost certainly going to end up being the largest to boast the raging bull emblem.

Concept and Technology

Promised to be the world’s fastest and dynamic SUV, the Lamborghini Urus’ concept is based on enforced design, performance and driving-pleasure that’s resolute and single-minded. It has redefined the point of reference for the competition.

Also for the high-performance soccer moms, the Urus offers plenty of room for four adults (or a few energetic kids) and a generous amount for luggage or shopping bags.

A true Lamborghini to the core, the Urus has a unique, totally unmistakable appearance. Commanding, but not bulky, the Urus contains the muscle of a body-builder, agility of a swimmer, and the elegance of a ballet dancer.

With a length measuring at 4.99 meters, it fits impeccably into the sporty SUV class. Though it is considerably lower than all its rivals, the Urus has a height of 1.66 meters and width of 1.99 meters., creating the perfect proportions of a super athlete in the segment.

The Urus is the Lamborghini for everyday use, for the family, and for leisurely pursuits with friends.

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