Lamborghini to bring back Rambo Lambo SUV to compete in the Chinese market

Article by Christian Andrei, on February 23, 2012

Lamborghini is breaking tradition with a new sports utility vehicle as it joins Maserati and Bentley in efforts to super-size their supercars in order to boost their images in China. The Italian manufacturer of sports vehicle will reveal an SUV study at the Beijing automobile show in April, which is almost 10 years after it phased out the Rambo Lambo military vehicle, an insider has revealed.

The person, who requested anonymity, further stated that a production variant may be available by 2016. Lamborghini's general manager Christian Mastro for the Asia-Pacific region commented that the customers in China "love their big cars." He further stated that all the brands are making their automobiles “more specific” for the market in the country.

At the Geneva car show next month, Bentley will showcase its own SUV concept, according to a person who is familiar with the situation. If parent company Volkswagen Group approves the project this year, the model may arrive in showrooms by 2015. Lamborghini and Bentley, both owned by VW Group, are racing with each other. Meanwhile, the Maserati of Fiat is set to produce a Jeep-based SUV in 2013. The vehicle is currently dubbed the Kubang. Last year, Ferrari introduced its largest model -- the 260,000-euro ($344,000) FF family car.

The actions mirror a movement in the East, breaking traditions that were created in Europe in the race of a new class of wealthy customers in countries such as Russia and China. The automobiles will be available all over the world, with China as the target market.

Giuliano Noci, vice rector for the China campus of Milan Polytechnic, related that luxury vehicles are "at the top of the consumption desires" among wealthy Chinese. He added that since these rich Chinese individuals have a limited history with regard to the brands in Europe, the manufacturers of luxury vehicles can be daring in making “something new."

The concept of the new Lamborghini Urus is utterly splendid. It is an SUV born from the Lamborghini DNA -- bearing the sports car brand’s unmistakable elegant design, superb performance, luxurious sportiness and driving dynamics while having the capability, practicality and utility of SUVs. Just like other SUVs, the new Urus has enough space to comfortably seat its occupants and accommodate their luggage, which means it can be used by customers to transport their family or their friends. But unlike other SUVs, the new Urus is a Lamborghini -- not only in terms of appearance, but also its technologies, power, handling and dynamics.

While the new Lamborghini Urus appears powerful, it doesn’t look hulking like other SUVs. It is rather elegantly muscular with a twist of athleticism. This can be well seen through its proportions and dimensions. Its length definitely belongs to the sporty SUV class at 4.99 meters, but its length and width suggests its athletic nature typical of vehicles belonging to the brand with the bull logo. \Compared to other sporty SUVs, the Lamborghini Urus is essentially lower at 1.66 meters. This is superbly complemented by its width of 1.99 meters. Of course, looks don’t define a Lamborghini. Performance also plays a central role. A big factor in that is its engine, which is expected to deliver 600 hp (440 kW) of output, with dynamics and handling ensured by a permanent all-wheel drive with traction control.

Like any Lamborghinis, the Urus will be a lightweight performer on the road. After all, it should stay true to Lamborghini’s lightweight design philosophy. Of course, this entails the use of an intelligent material mix for the structure and bodyshell, including the extensive application of carbon fiber – a field in which Lamborghini has vast expertise in. In addition, the interior of the Urus should feature a systematic lightweight design. Its lightweight nature should allow the new model to dominate its class in terms of fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, as well as dynamics and handling.

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