Leaked: 2013 Volvo V40

Article by Christian A., on February 23, 2012

The all-new Volvo V40 is finally unveiled in all its glory by Polish magazine Motodziennik before its scheduled launch. The information that we have about this hatchback model had previously only come from teasers and leaks. Its official debut will be at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Just last week, a Swedish magazine displayed leaked images of the V40.

The teaser shown at Volvo’s Facebook page gave away a lot of details as the shadows were removed. The magazine highlights the familial Volvo DNA on the V40, with its hexagonal grille, swept back headlamps, flowing hips, a rising belt line, and full-height hockey-stick taillights.

At the rear, the V40 has a hatch that’s built mostly from glass, reminiscent of the petite C30. Volvo said that the V40 won’t be offered in the U.S. but this isn’t unexpected when you consider that the brand has phased out the poor-selling V50 wagon in the U.S.

Volvo hasn’t confirmed the details yet but it’s believed that the V40 will be available with 1.4- and 2.0-liter four-cylinder engines, optional all-wheel drive, and Volvo’s City and Pedestrian Safety systems.

A new Scalable Platform Architecture will be used on the all-new Volvo V40. This will soon be used on most of Volvo’s upcoming models. According to older reports, the V40 is 177.2 inches long.

If this is true, it means that it would be one foot longer than a Volkswagen Golf, nearly a foot longer than its fiercest rival (the outgoing Audi A3), and only 0.8 inches shorter than the outgoing Volvo V50.

Volvo has long been known to deliver driving that is environment-friendly. This is owed to the various technical innovations, one being the three-way catalytic converter that comes with the lambda sensor. When used on the 1.6-liter D2 engine of the V40 for instance, this converter ensures segment-leading CO2 emission figures of 94 g/km using 205/55 R16 wheels. With the brand’s IntelliSafe safety philosophy, occupants will have nothing to worry about. Examples of the safety systems inside are the Pedestrian Detection and City Safety and the Pedestrian Airbag Technology. There are other safety systems as well and one of this is the Cross Traffic Alert radar system.

What this does is to ensure that the driver can move out of the parking space in reverse and at the same time see if any traffic is present on the sides. Fitted as well is the Blind Spot Information System, which in the V40 has been enhanced. In addition to warning the driver of vehicles coming from the blind spot on the two sides, the improvement allows the system to detect vehicles on the rear.

Thus, it makes any lane change, especially on the motorway, easier and safer. Commenting on the V40, Volvo CEO and President Stefan Jacoby revealed that this is the brand’s first 5-door hatchback for the C-segment. He added that the brand expects a substantial number of new customers. Still, the brand continues to lead the class when it comes to a number of features that include driving dynamics, fuel economy, safety, and design.

According to Jacoby, the new V40 is the best example of its Designed Around You principle. At its core, it is a vehicle that is pleasing and easy to drive, given that it connects effortlessly with the driver. This is a car that offers intuitive handling and at the same time care for the occupants, he continued. One reason why there is good use of green technology is that a third of the budget for research and development is allotted for lowering CO2 emissions.

As a result, it offers savings not only when it comes to residential parking but even for road tax or company car taxation. In terms of design, the V40 has one that is truly stunning but this is not surprising considering it was done by Chris Benjamin at the brand’s studio in Camarillo, California.

By putting in the Pedestrian Airbag Technology, Benjamin was able to ensure that the bonnet line was lower and with it the entire vehicle. Compared to the C30 coupe, the V40 is lower by a little more than an inch (around 29 mm). It is safe to say that the V40 is a hatchback that is one of the lowest there is. Still, the style of the V40’s rear section is similar to the C30. Of course, the C30 is inspired by the iconic P1800ES seen during the 1970s. Benjamin revealed that in coming up with the V40, he wanted a car that would be able to connect on an emotional level. He added that while it had to have the design of a coupe, it also needed to have the functionality and practicality present in the 5-door hatchback.

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