Mazda offering a 20 percent discount on all Mazda MX-5s on Facebook…

Article by Andrew Christian, on February 1, 2011

Mazda has joined Facebook Deals, the first social network ecommerce opportunities offered in the UK. The British division of Mazda is giving a 20% discount on all Mazda MX-5s as well as the chance to win a Mazda MX-5 Miyako special edition for five months. All the customer has to do to be eligible for this discount is to check in on Facebook at one of the five Mazda dealerships through the most recent version of the Facebook app or on the Smartphone at

This customer then has to claim the deal and present the deal voucher via his or her mobile phone to the salesperson. The competition has the same check-in process but the customer must enter the details into the data pod in the dealership.

At the end of the competition period, the five competition winners will be drawn at random. Claire Andrews, Marketing Director, Mazda UK, said that while social media allows one to communicate to a wide range of people, it is only now that consumers get any real commercial benefits.

“Social media has always been about communicating to as wide a range of people as you want, but until now has not given any commercial benefits to consumers,” commented Claire Andrews, Marketing Director, Mazda UK. “Facebook Deals recognises the consumer’s appetite for a deal and brings a real financial benefit to social media use. Just by being one of Facebook’s 26 million UK users you are suddenly entitled to some fantastic offers and 20 percent off Mazda’s iconic sports car, a deal you cannot get anywhere else,”

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