McLaren opens a new showroom in Toronto

Article by Christian A., on June 14, 2012

With the opening of the new McLaren Automotive showroom in Toronto comes the arrival of the MP4-12C high performance sports car. Welcoming the crowd during the opening was Ron Dennis, the Executive Chairman of McLaren Automotive and McLaren Group. McLaren chose Pfaff Automotive Partners to represent McLaren in Toronto.

Pfaff is one of 10 dealerships during the launch in North America. This showroom is known as ‘McLaren Toronto’. It has newly established a highly advanced art facility at 33 Auto Park Circle in Woodbridge, Ontario. The 12C is just the first in a series of high performance sports cars from McLaren Automotive that will be released in North America.

These cars will be rivalling the best sports cars in the world. However, McLaren’s models have the advantage of being created with the McLaren Group’s renowned expertise and virtuosity.

The 12C has the potential of amending the rules of sports car design via its Formula 1-inspired engineering, the ground-breaking carbon fibre MonoCell chassis, and its extreme focus on efficiency and quality. This vehicle stands for ‘pure McLaren’, which means that it was designed using unique engineering and bespoke design.

“The McLaren brand has built a legacy of producing superior race cars over the last 30 years. With the entry into the super car retail segment, McLaren is setting automotive history,” said Christopher Pfaff, President of Pfaff Automotive Partners. “We are honoured to align the Pfaff brand with a company whose DNA is so strongly rooted in racing and that upholds the same principles of excellence that Pfaff aspires to.”

McLaren Automotive, instead of being complacent because of its achievements, has released a set of improvements that will improve the McLaren MP4-12C top performance sports car and make it more interesting to drive but still easier to own.

The first on the list of improvements is a 25PS (25hp) increase in power. It gets the max output of the middle mounted, twin turbocharged V8 engine to 625PS (616hp) to provide an even better acceleration at track speeds without losing efficiency. Enhancements have also been made by the engineers of McLaren to the 12C's engine and SSG transmission to improve responsiveness.

User-friendly is a term that is not often linked with vehicles of this kind, and it is given more meaning by a variety of detail enhancements with more options for leather, paint, and wheel types to provide clients with a more personalized car.

McLaren MP4-12C's one of a kind Intake Sound Generator (ISG) system, which takes care of the volume of the engine intake sound in the cabin, is now configurable through three levels in all of the Powertrain options, giving the driver choices to pick the kind of sound vibe that he or she wants to feel, on any kind of road. But another thing that has stayed the same is the McLaren MP4-12C's useful design, different from a gentle revision to the McLaren Speed Marque badge.

This latest emphasis of the McLaren MP4-12C, which at its debut set a new standard among its rivals for efficiency, strength, and innovative technology, is now being offered to the market. Clients who have now taken delivery of a 12C are still being considered, though. Each 12C owner is given an upgrade package that includes the extra 25PS (25hp), at no additional fee, sealing McLaren's promise to its clients making sure they fully enjoy their 12C.

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