MG Zero Concept unveiled at the Auto China 2010

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 29, 2010

The MG Zero, a preview of the brand's future supermini, will premiere at the Auto China 2010 Beijing. This British-designed concept was created by MG design director Anthony Williams to appeal to what many regard as the 'G-90s', people between the ages of 18 and 28. The concept is aptly named as it boasts to have "zero restraint, zero distance and zero limit."

The Zero has the enviable combination of having the sportiest exterior and the most stylish interior. Take note that this is a concept car so it's highly likely that there would be some features that won't make it to the production version.

Certainly, there would be some design details that will be taken out. This probably includes the interior lighting that switches depending on the type of music playing in the car.

The rear light glass, which can be used to play video games and to paint on, is also unlikely to appear in the production car. Autocar magazine said that the Zero will go on sale in the UK carrying the MG3 badge.

MG has yet to provide a clear plan for what it intends to do with the hatchback version of the Roewe 350. Roewe executives think that the car's comparable size to the MG6 could pose a problem since it won't be considered as an adequate alternative.

MG Design Director Tony Williams remarked that the MG Zero features an exterior that reflects a bold, individual soul. He disclosed that the concept exudes a sporty character as evidence by a bonnet forming around the octagonal badge as well as graphics flowing into the lamps and the large lower grille.

Providing the MG Zero with a wide stance and strong road presence are the side's strong shoulder, scalloped feature in the doors and flared arches. Moreover, Williams disclosed that the concept's feature lines were designed to provide a strong connection to the wheel arch, thus conveying the fun nature of its dynamics.

On the other hand, the cabin of the MG Zero is installed with the latest in vehicle communications technology. Interestingly, MG comes with a fun communications system placed on the exterior of the rear.

Guy Jones, MG Motor UK Sales and Marketing Director, described MG Zero as crucial to the global development of MG brand since it provides clear direction beyond the brand's current products. Jones quipped that MG is proud to see its UK-designed vehicle have a great an impact in Beijing, China.

He noted that with the present situation at MG – characterized by surging sales, return of production of the MG TF in Birmingham, and the introduction of MG 6 in the end of 2010 -- the MG Zero Concept is coming at the perfect time to build brand awareness and interest in the UK.

Press Release

MG Zero Concept

The MG Zero Concept has been unveiled to the world's media as one of the stars of the 2010 Beijing Automotive Show, now one of the world's most important automotive events.

The MG Zero Concept car has been developed by MG Global Design team, led by British MG Design Director Anthony (Tony) Williams-Kenny, based in Birmingham.

At around 4m in length, the MG Zero concept previews the design direction of the brand and demonstrates how MG can expand into this high- volume sector of the market. MG Zero reflects the latest trends in the market for vehicle size, styling and technology and is designed to show how MG will offer products that will appeal to a wide audience across the global market.

MG Zero Concept also demonstrates the design and engineering capabilities of SAIC by showcasing a number of innovative features. The bold interior has clean and simple lines with high contrast flashes of accent colour. It uses the latest technology touch screens to allow occupants to interact with the world around them and features a striking 'floating console' design around the driver.

The high-tech materials are draw inspiration from ultra high-performance sports equipment and there is highly innovative use of interior lighting features to create real emotion in the cabin. The bold red-coloured illumination adds a touch of drama.

Commenting on the exterior style, Design Director Tony Williams said " This concept shows a bold, individual soul. The bonnet is formed around the famous octagonal badge, the graphics flow into striking lamps and the large lower grille completes the confident, sporty character. The body-side has a strong shoulder, a dynamic scalloped feature in the doors and flared arches to give a wide stance and strong road presence. The feature lines have been designed to give a strong relationship to the wheel arch demonstrating the fun nature of the cars dynamics."

MG Zero Concept also explores the integration of the latest communications technology in the vehicle and in addition to the interior systems, it features a fun communications system on the exterior of the rear!

Guy Jones, MG Motor UK Sales and Marketing Director summarised by saying "MG Zero is crucial to the development of the brand globally, as it gives clear direction for the future beyond the current products. We are all proud to see our British-designed vehicle wearing the MG badge creating such an impact in Beijing. With the MG TF back in production in Birmingham, sales increasing and the MG 6 coming at the end of 2010, the MG Zero Concept has come at the perfect time to build further awareness and interest in the brand here in the UK."

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