2012 Ferrari FF: more photos revealed

Article by Christian A., on February 8, 2011

Ferrari released some additional photographs of the new four-seater, the FF (Ferrari Four -- four seats and four-wheel drive), in action on snow. This was made in response to the tremendous interest that the new FF has received as well as the requests to see the car in movement. Ferrari added these images of an advanced prototype and a final model to what the company has published in recent weeks.

In just the last few weeks, the video for the model has gotten hundreds of thousands of clicks registered on Ferrari website and other Ferrari channels on Youtube and Facebook. The FF is expected to usher in an entirely new GT sports car concept.

In fact, the new car represents not so much an evolution as a true revolution. Pininfarina designed the FF, which features the company’s first ever four-wheel drive system. The weight of Ferrari’s exclusive, patented 4RM (four-wheel drive) is 50 percent less than a conventional four-wheel drive system, achieving perfect weight distribution (53 percent over the rear axle).

The FF is powered by the new 6,262 cc direct injection engine which delivers 660 CV at 8,000 rpm that is mated to the transaxle dual-clutch F1 gearbox.

These enable the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 sec. The new FF has exceptionally responsive handling due to its class-leading weight-to-power ratio of 2.7 kg/CV, along with its ideal weight distribution. As a result, owners will enjoy the FF’s capabilities over a broad range of uses: city driving, on low grip or snow-covered surfaces and on the track.

Ferrari’s 4RM four-wheel drive system is so unique that the brand had it patented. With this system equipped in the Ferrari FF, this gives it low grip coefficients thereby guaranteeing outstanding performance on the road. While it is still the rear wheels that are responsible for delivering the torque, the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) makes sure that the necessary torque is transmitted to the front wheels especially when running on low grip surfaces.

The system in the FF in fact allows torque to be distributed individually to each of its four wheels. This is possible because the dynamic vehicle controls that include the PTU, F1-Trac, and E-Diff, have all been incorporated into one central processing unit. The FF follows a transaxle configuration which means the engine is placed mid-front while the gearbox is located above the rear axle. In terms of positioning, 53% of the vehicle’s weight is positioned to the rear.

Combining these two allow the FF to offer sporty driving. Extra attention was also done when it came to lowering the weight of the bodyshell, the engine, and a number of other components. The engine for example has new casings while bodyshell uses a new production process and incorporates aluminum alloys. Even the interior of the FF was optimized by using hi-tech materials like magnesium for its seats.

The third-generation carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes used are lighter and last longer. They even result to negligible wear when used on the road. As a result of all of these improvements, it sets a new standard for this kind of vehicle in the area of weight–power ratio as the FF has 2.7 kg/CV. The FF owes its style to the Pininfarina which showcases lines that smoothly echoes its signature of uncompromising balance between versatility and sportiness.

The interior offers large spaces and body-hugging seats, easily accommodating four passengers. Since the rear seats can be folded independently, the capacity of the 450-liter boot can go as high as 800 liters. Ultimately, this means that not only is the FF able to offer more luggage space compared to other vehicles in its class, it is even better when compared to some four-door saloons. Everything in the FF has been personalized to meet the demands and preferences of the driver.

There are, for instance, six unique colors to choose from as well as having the finest Frau aniline leathers that have been specially treated in order to improve even better the natural softness. Another significant improvement in the FF is that it increases the in-car enjoyment of its four occupants.

Take for example the infotainment system in the rear seat. It has two screens, one for watching TV, and the other for watching DVD. It also comes with the 16-channel 1,280-watt stereo system with the Dolby Surround Sound. In addition to the three FFs, the brand will also be displaying in Geneva the 599 GTB Fiorano with the sporting HGTE package and 458 Italia. It will also be showing the Ferrari California with the classy Blu Tour De France finish.

Ferrari California in particular continues to enjoy good sales and is the model that has received a wide-array of personalization requests. Powered with the V8 engine, the convertible is still popular especially as it comes with the option to have two-tone and a three-layer paint finish. In the interior, there are elements that show the colors, trim solutions, and materials, in a good combination. The success of the Ferrari California is proof of its enduring appeal and sophisticated charm.

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