Mugen Honda CR-Z RR Concept will not be produced

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 1, 2011

Mugen, Honda’s in-house tuning arm, has doused all hopes that we will see the CR-Z Mugen RR edition on the roads. Mugen explained that this car was only made for show purposes and that there are no plans for more production. Last July, Mugen debuted the new design concept at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Mugen said in a statement that the CR-Z Mugen RR edition concept was only made to show off MUGEN’s capabilities when it comes to function, style, performance and agility.

It also said that the CR-Z Mugen RR featured numerous bespoke prototype parts, some of which were built from carbonfiber such as the bonnet, passenger doors and rear tailgate.

The car, which has a full length carbon-fibre underbody, also features a twin central-exit exhaust, vented front bumpers and race-developed suspension. The car’s vibrant Valencia Orange Pearl exterior paint work is complemented by orange 4-piston monobloc brake calipers and forged 18-inch alloy wheels.

The car’s interior are covered in Mugen-branded color-coded leather/Alcantara. Mugen also added a race-developed information screen that could record chassis and engine data as well as feature a Satellite navigation and audio system. This kit will track the car for more than two laps to be familiar with its circuit, after which, it will measure lap data and conduct vehicle tracking using GPS.

Using a prototype car, one that is centered on the CR-Z, and powered by a mid-tune engine, initial assessments showed that acceleration from 0 to 62 mph was around 6.6 seconds, just within the official time of the Civic Type R. Mugen however expects that the original goal it set for the overall performance of the Type R is still attainable considering that it intended to lower the weight of the chassis by as much as 50 kg and increase the power of the stage 1 engine by 15%.

The question that needs to be answered then is: how different is the Honda CR-Z Mugen from the usual Honda CR-Z? For one, Mugen did not only strip the engine but remodelled it as well. This was done in order that even with higher loads, it continued to be reliable and durable at the same time. Mugen also put in a supercharged forced induction in the engine in order to get additional horsepower and get a better rising torque curve.

In addition to the enhancements done to the engine, the dynamics of the chassis was improved as well. By using the tuning experience of Honda and combining it with the wide-ranging motorsport capability of Mugen, the track width of the chassis was increased. In addition, for both the front and the rear, they were equipped with the 5-step adjustable. Since the weight of the chassis was lowered, it could now help with the handling and even during acceleration or deceleration.

In order to keep the air flowing in the engine, Mugen put in a sports exhaust. Meanwhile, the use of a suspension helps boost the control of its body roll. Though Mugen did put in a limited slip differential, there was a need take advantage of the benefits offered by it and hopefully, maximize it. As such, the forged alloy lightweight 17-inch Mugen GP wheels were fitted with larger tires but without any excessive addition to the unsprung weight.

Another effect of this is that it helps advance enhanced response and superior traction. Since the powerful is increased, the use of 4-pot monobloc callipers and larger brake discs was important in order to be able to stop the CR-Z Mugen. In order to match the boost in the power, a Mugen body kit is offered which has front grille, bumper under-skirts, side skirts, and even a rear wing. Under this kit, the hood and its doors are made of carbon fiber with gives it that strong look, more than a match to its mighty credentials

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