New Alpine sports car will take on Alfa Romeo 4C, Lotus Evora

Article by Christian A., on March 12, 2013

Renault chief Carlos Tavares is confident that the new Alpine sports car can compete with models such as Alfa 4C and Lotus Evora during its launch. But he warned that it will be too much for the company to instantly produce a rival to the Porsche Cayman. He said that it’s too “arrogant” to claim that it will win if it goes head-to-head with Porsche.

However, he thinks that Lotus and Alfa are “realistic targets.” Tavares said, according to Autocar, that Caterham and Alpine staff are intentionally given enough freedom to independently operate to guarantee that the creation of the co-developed sports car is not hampered.

Tavares said that the projects have some commonality between the projects but that they’re intent on giving freedom to both sides to express themselves. The two cars have to stand on their own merits. However, there may be some sharing of parts. Tavares also said that the A110 design was praised since it used existing parts.

There would have to be some parts sharing involved since it will become too expensive to even be part of the consideration.

Laurens van den Acker, Renault’s chief of design, said that the models won’t look like each other, along the lines of how the GT86 and Subaru BRZ were designed. Acker said that the A110 had drawn people in so what they would do is a vehicle that’s similar but with a modern touch, similar to the feel of the modernized Mini and Fiat 500 models.

A simple way to describe the 4C, Alfa Romeo’s latest offering is that it offers none of the compromise while making it inviting for the driver to experience the excitement of driving it, be it on the road or the circuit. This new model continues to have the style in line with the brand’s tradition while offering both intense design and aerodynamics with the distinct handling Alfa Romeo is known for as well as that remarkable performance.

The design of the 4C is credited to the engineers of the brand and manufactured at the Maserati facility located in Modena. With a pair of bucket seats, this vehicle utilizes various design solutions and materials that include, among others, aluminum and carbon. This attractive coupe also has the rear-wheel clearly inspired from the brand’s 8C Competizione. Meanwhile the technologies fitted inside are the same ones in the newest models of Alfa Romeo.

The main difference is that for the new 4C, everything has been redesigned to the point that the athletic appeal of the new model is maximized. For those who want proof, this can be seen with the 1750 turbo petrol engine with direct injection and the aluminum block. This is then paired to the advanced and newest automatic dry twin clutch “Alfa TCT” transmission.

Further it comes with the driving model selector that is part of the Alfa DNA which now has the all-new Race mode. When it comes down to it, the 4C was designed to deliver total driving pleasure. It is all about light weight and essentiality. This essentiality is the reason why the new 4C is designed that way. The way that form and function has been mixed perfectly gives it that expression of “natural beauty.”

Based on the size and the layout of the 4C, it is easy to imagine it has similarities with many of the attractive coupes in history, a good example of which is the well-known 33 Stradale. As such, similar to this iconic model, the new 4C was designed to be able to meet the functional needs and the extreme mechanical requirements. Both the engine and the chassis are enhanced aerodynamically through the essential and clean surfaces.

Having a total length of around 4 meters with a wheelbase measuring no longer than 2.4 meters places the focus on the compact size of this model while emphasizing the 4C’s agility. That the 4C has dynamic characteristics can be seen through the weight to power ratio that does not exceed 4 kg/HP. This makes it worthy to be valued as a “supercar.”

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