Nissan Leaf sales expected to soar next year

Article by Christian A., on May 31, 2012

When Nissan will begin production of the Leaf EV in the UK, the Japanese manufacturer expects to triple its sales in Europe. Nissan hopes to sell around 9,000 units, which means it wants to triple its sales from last year, according to Paul Willcox, Nissan Europe's sales and marketing chief who talked with Automotive News Europe.

For those who don’t know, the current Nissan Leafs that are sold in Europe are imported from Japan, but starting February the Japanese company will built it in Sunderland. Moreover, the Nissan Leaf built in Europe will have a different design on order to attract European customers.

According to the same Paul Willcox, the Nissan Leaf sales have been affected by the eurozone crisis, as the government investments in the charging infrastructure didn’t achieve the rate anticipated by the carmaker three years ago.

Nissan will also start Leaf production at its plant in Smyma, Tennessee for the U.S.-spec model. Nissan-Renault alliance CEO, Carlos Ghosn expects to see some soaring sales in September.

Even the minutest elements can produce marvelous outcomes.

The front of the Nissan LEAF is styled with characteristic sharp, erect V-shapes that feature elongated, upward slanting light-emitting diode headlamps that have a reflective blue internal design that declares how special this car is. But the headlamps are more than a statement. They are also conceived to ingeniously divide and resend air away from the doors’ mirrors, decreasing wind noise and drag. And the headlamps have another benefit: they burn electricity at 10 percent of conventional lights, so that the Nissan LEAF can reach its world-leading line autonomy.

With bright coloured trim, the LEAF produces an attractive and classy interior. A range of earth-friendly blue colours stemmed from the Aqua Globe of the first LEAF's model. This is carried throughout the interior with a blue highlighted dashboard and instrument panels.


The Nissan LEAF utilises a select modern IT system. Coupled with a global data centre, it provides 24-hour support and infotainment for drivers.

The dash-mounted display shows the Nissan LEAF's power left as well as a choice of charging stations located nearby.

Another hi-tech feature is how mobile phones can turn air-conditioning on and set charging performance - even if it is powered down. An on-board timer that has a remote-control can be pre-set to recharge the batteries.

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