Nissan to equip Infiniti luxury cars with steer-by-wire technology

Article by Anita Panait, on October 17, 2012

Nissan Motor Co. is planning to install the purported \"steer-by-wire\" technology on some of its luxury cars. This will allow the vehicles’ steering to be controlled by an electronic system, rather than by a mechanical one. Nissan disclosed in a briefing that it will be fitting the new technology in some models of the Infiniti brand within a year, setting the foundation for future automatic steering systems that could avoid crashes automatically.

Conventionally, the steering wheel and the tires are connected mechanically, providing the driver with direct steering feedback from the tires on the road. However, in the \"steer-by-wire\" technology, the inputs made by the driver on the steering wheel will be transmitted to computerized engine control unit, which then give instructions to an actuator on how to move the tires.

But as a backup when problems arise, Nissan will also be installing a clutch that will connect the steering wheel and tires mechanically. The Japanese carmaker, however, hopes that backup clutch won’t always be needed. Nissan engineer Masaharu Satou remarked that in the future, the steering wheel could be placed in anywhere in the vehicle, even in the back seat, adding that it might be possible to steer the car with a joystick.

While several carmakers have already installed the \"steer-by-wire\" technology in concept, just like Audi did with its A2 model in 2011, Nissan is the first auto company to apply it for mass-produced cars, according to Nissan engineer Toshiharu Asai. He said that under the new system, the driver\'s intentions are transmitted faster to the wheels because of the quicker speed of electronic signals. Asai added that the system also allows drivers to maneuver their vehicles more easily since it strikes out uncalled feedback from the tires to the driver.

Expected to arrive in the Europe market by 2010, the new M Line from Infiniti will become the newest addition to the luxury automotive segment. This latest performance saloon from the brand not only appeals to drivers but shows quality craftsmanship and clearly overflows with passion. Infiniti disclosed that the new M Line will be going against the hierarchy of many of the long-established executive models.

Examples of these models include the 5-Series from BMW and the E-Class of Mercedes. The Infiniti M Line has the combination of performance, technology, and power, which are then packaged under the sophistication the brand is known for. While Infiniti confirmed that sales of the M Line in Europe will begin in September of 2010, the brand revealed as well that prior to that it will be unveiling this range for the U.S. market. Once the M Line does enter Europe, it will be fitted with the V6 engine in either diesel or petrol.

Infiniti is also preparing to introduce the advanced petrol-electric hybrid in the Europe market by 2011. By taking its saloon line-up to Europe, Infiniti said that it will be bringing an exterior and interior that is on an entirely different level. This range, which will include the Infiniti G37, will do the same for road performance. It comes with the rear-wheel-drive set-up and is combined with luxury.

Having an overall length of 4,945 mm, the M Line is able to offer enough space. Further, the cabin looks to be one of the best designed, and even the best finished, offered so far by Infiniti. Being the brand’s flagship saloon, there is no question that it has the features that have made Infiniti unique. The profile for example is clearly inspired by the Essence concept car and on it, one can plainly see the flowing lines.

Then there are the natural materials and their integrity. Finally, Infiniti guarantees that the new M Line will continue to offer an ownership experience that is truly hassle-free. The M Line also has the cutting-edge Safety Shield technology and the inclusion of other features that are considered as first in the industry. It also shows that Infiniti continues to be committed in releasing models that show passionate design and offer a rewarding drive. This new model is so far the newest example that utilizes the Inspired Performance principle. There will be a total of 34 markets around the world where the Infiniti will be sold and this includes Western Europe.

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