One-off Lamborghini Aventador J sold for €2.1 million

Article by Christian A., on March 11, 2012

Lamborghini is once again stretching the limits of design with this one-off, road-legal roadster named the Lamborghini Aventador J. Company chief Stephan Winkelmann said that this is proof of the company’s commitment to its advanced design despite the road car regulations becoming increasingly more stringent.

The “J” from the Lamborghini Aventador J is derived from the Appendix J’ regulations of the world motorsport governing body that define the racing car class specifications. In addition, the J references Lamborghini’s history, specifically the one-off 1970 Lamborghini Jota, which is a high-performance variant of the iconic Miura. At the 2012 Geneva Auto Show, Lamborghini brought this roofless roadster center stage.

Actually, this “most extreme expression of Lamborghini DNA in existence” has been sold off already but the selling price was undisclosed. Its published price is at €2.1million but if you were considering it, you should know that it was sold on its launch date. Lamborghini has promised that there will be no other prototypes or museum pieces that will be built in the same vein. However, insiders said that later this year, Lamborghini will launch a less extreme Aventador roadster that will be available to wider markets. Its changes are only related to its extreme styling.

It will have the same engine used on the fixed-head car: the 690bhp 6.5-litre V12 engine. In addition, it comes with the same four-wheel drive system and is equipped with a modified version of the same pushrod suspension. The Aventador’s carbonfibre monocoque forms the basis of the J but had been revised extensively to fit the roofless structure.

It was also stripped out in order to reduce weight. Its bodywork was significantly reworked to improve its aerodynamic grip. The Aventador J is much lighter than the coupé because it had removed the roof, windscreen, air-con, stereo system and sat-nav. Lamborghini stripped out the interior because gadgets would detract from the reason for this car’s existence, which is to “provide an extreme driving experience.” This car also gets upward-opening doors that are considerably thinner and lighter than the coupe. However, the exact weight figure wasn’t revealed yet.

To describe the Lamborghini Aventador J, the best words to use for this super sports car is that it is dramatic and open. Not only does it have the excellent performance of the Aventador but it also has the dynamics and power rarely seen in an automobile. The Aventador itself was first unveiled to wide acclaim back in 2011. On the technical aspect, the Aventador J is based mainly on the twelve-cylinder Aventador LP 700-4.

What makes the technology package of the Aventador LP 700-4 rather unique is that the structure makes use of a novel monocoque composed of carbon fibers that have been reinforced with polymers. This results in a lightweight design while optimizing the safety and thereby increasing the safety. The 12-cylinder 6.5-liter engine fitted allows for an output of 700 hp (515 kW).

Thus, it has both the strong pulling power and the high-revving excitement. All of the power is then distributed by the ISR transmission to the permanent all-wheel drive and the push-road suspension. This gives the Aventador J strong power but with remarkable handling precision.

Clearly, the new model gets to enjoy the benefits offered by this distinct technology package. Still there are differences when this model is compared with that of the Aventador. Under the open version, its monocoque sports a new design with a pair of safety bars placed at the back of the seats. Because there is no roof, it meant that there was no need to have a large windshield or even an air conditioning system.

It does not even need a navigation system. This means that it was possible to reduce the weight. The production version of the LP 700-4 for example has a 1,575-kg dry weight and with the use of carbon fiber, makes it light compared to other models in the performance class. The monocoque is not the only place where one can see that Automobili Lamborghini does have unique knowledge when it comes to the polymer-reinforced carbon fiber.

The company revealed that it is looking further into how it can apply this expertise further. Compared to those in standard vehicles, the Aventador J has the Forged COMPOSITE seats. It also has that flexible carbon fiber fabric insert, a consequence of the brand’s very own patent.

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