Opel Flextreme Concept takes the “Red Dot Award”

Article by Christian Andrei, on August 29, 2010

An international jury has acknowledged the outstanding design in the Flextreme concept car and presented it with the prestigious red dot award during a ceremony held in Singapore. This award is considered as one of the world’s largest and distinguished design prizes. The award is given to the best design concept with the ability to improve the world for a better future.

The red dot award is judged by an international jury of design experts and presented to a product based on the different criteria like functionality, innovation, and formal quality. It was back in 2007 when the Saab Aero X concept won the same award. President of the red dot design award Ken Koo relates that a large number of entries showed high quality and this made the competition very challenging.

Being granted the red dot is indeed an extraordinary achievement, he adds. Development of the Flextreme was started at General Motors’ European Design Center and it was first launched during the Frankfurt International Motor Show in 2007. This concept is a good example of how the monocab segment could be designed in the future. Proof of this is the bold style that has been integrated with an alternative energy propulsion.

Vauxhall/Opel is the leading manufacturer of monocabs in Europe and it was also a pioneer in this class with the Zafira and Meriva. A new design language was introduced with the Flextreme and this was made possible under the leadership of Mark Adams, British GME Design Vice President. The Flextreme was brought to the market just this year. Since the “Flex doors” are rear-hinged, it allows easy access to the cabin.

It also has a large transparent roof and its twin tailgate doors open on the side and swings upward. This concept car shows best the tradition of Vauxhall when it comes to having an attractive design with practical body concepts and flexibility.

Flextreme is equipped with GM's state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology system, the same system that was showcased as part of the Chevrolet Volt. The electric motor has a lithium-ion battery that ensures the Flextreme can reach 55 km even when running on pure electricity. It also has a 1.3-liter turbo-diesel engine that not only helps as a range extender but can drive the electric generator in case the energy of the battery is drained.

The range extended can generate the extra electricity needed in order to give the car enough power for it to be driven hundreds of kilometers. According to Adams, the company is happy to have been awarded this prestigious prize. It also proves that Vauxhall/Opel, he continues, is going in the right direction when it comes to offering a vehicle that has innovation and versatility with a dynamic style.

A number of established companies have received the red dot awards like Nokia and Apple. By getting this award, Flextreme is now part of a group that includes electronic devices and even kitchen gadgets. The award was accepted on behalf of the European team by Vice President of design for General Motors Asia Pacific Kenneth Parkinson.

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The Flextreme concept car has been recognised by an international jury for its outstanding design and has received the prestigious red dot award in a ceremony in Singapore.

The international red dot design award ranks among the largest and most renowned design prizes in the world. The red dot Singapore prize is awarded to the best design concept “that has the power to improve our world in the future”. It is granted to products by an international panel of design experts who base their criteria on degree of innovation, functionality and formal quality. In 2007, the Saab Aero X concept car won the prestigious award.

“The high number of quality entries made this competition extremely challenging and, hence, winning the red dot an exceptional achievement,” says Ken Koo, President of the red dot design award in Singapore.

The Flextreme was conceived at General Motors’ European Design Center and premiered in 2007 at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. The car is a study of the future design of the monocab segment, incorporating alternative energy propulsion with fresh, bold styling. Vauxhall/Opel is the European leader in monocabs, a segment it helped pioneer with the Meriva and Zafira.

The Flextreme uses the new design language introduced under the direction of British GME Design Vice President Mark Adams and was first brought to market this year with the Insignia. With rear-hinged “Flex doors” that enable comfortable access to the interior, a large transparent roof and twin tailgate doors that open from the side and swing upward, the Flextreme embodies Vauxhall’s tradition of flexible and practical body concepts with attractive designs.

The concept car features GM's innovative extended-range electric vehicle technology system recently showcased in the Chevrolet Volt. An electric motor, powered by a lithium-ion battery, propels the Flextreme for up to 55 km on electric-drive-only. A 1.3 turbo-diesel onboard engine operates as a range extender and is used to drive an electric generator when the battery's energy has been depleted. The range extender is able to generate additional electricity to power the car for hundreds of additional kilometres.

“We are very pleased to have been awarded this prize,” says Adams. “It is confirmation from our peers that Vauxhall/Opel is on the right track of offering bold, dynamic style along with great versatility and innovation.”

Red dot awards have been presented to many renowned companies, including Apple, and Nokia. With the granting of this award, the Flextreme will join a variety of products – ranging from kitchen gadgets to electronic devices. Kenneth Parkinson, Vice President of design for General Motors Asia Pacific, accepted the award in Singapore on behalf of the European team.

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