Opel GTC Paris Concept powered by a 2.0-liter turbo engine with 290 hp

Article by Christian Andrei, on September 24, 2010

Opel/Vauxhall released today new details regarding the GTC Paris Concept, which will make its debut later this month in the French capital. Finally, we know that engine is in this concept: a 2.0-liter Turbo gasoline engine with direct injection capable to deliver an impressive 290 hp (213 kW) and mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

Due to this power, the concept also received fully adaptive FlexRide suspension and an limited slip differential in the front.

Measuring 4.46 meters, the production version of this concept promises to be the ideal compact sporty car, offering plenty of space for five persons (although we’d recommend just four).

Furthermore, the manufacturer also revealed the first images with the interior. This is inspired by the hatchback version, but comes with new Recaro sports buckets, a sporty gear knob as well as with a new sports steering wheel with metal inserts.

The Opel design team used leather and micro-fibers for the seats, plush carpeting on the flooring, and a textured black instrument panel. These classic materials have a contemporary twist, not only in the choice of hues but also in the positive/negative stitching.

The car’s inspiration, a quote from Richard Bach’s novel, Jonathon Livingstone Seagull is laser-etched in calligraphy script into the seat … “and the speed was pure beauty.”.

The Opel GTC Paris Concept at 4.46 meters is ideal for a compact, sporty car that can accommodate five passengers. In profile, designers reduced the number of lines to a minimum in the GTC Paris Concept to make it as dramatic as possible.

It consists of three lines that build tension and create a sculpted form. The brand’s signature blade is presented in the same way as it first appeared in the Insignia, which is a fine, thin line sweeping upward from the rocker at the start of the front door.

The second line wraps the door handle then sweeps to the rear, giving emphasis to the car’s dramatic stance by stretching out the surfaces to a creative undercut and broad shoulder. The third line following the roof’s silhouette has a finely brushed aluminum finish, highlighting the window graphic that directs the eye towards the integrated spoiler with sharp accents.

The most dramatic part of the GTC Paris Concept is its shoulder area. The widest point pulls downward to a broad athletic “bulldog stance” giving a very purposeful road presence to the car. The line coming from the C-pillar stretches into the tail then curls around toward the rear spoiler, which is skillfully incorporated into the roof line.

The clean frontal styling includes the brand’s usual centerline crease. It is given more emphasis through intense, extremely slim headlamps with an eagle-eye shape that looks like a parenthesis in between the sophisticated chrome emblem bar and dramatically low trapezoidal grill that suggests its sporty nature. The brand’s characteristic wing-shaped LED daytime lights get updated with delicately sculptured chrome jewels easily seen behind the clear glass. While the trapezoidal grille is distinctively Opel, it is separate from the chrome, positioned lower to give a race track feel.

Its wide stance is emphasized in the rear, where the vehicle’s proportions are most striking because of the powerful shoulder design. This is enhanced even more by the LED taillights plus another long stretched “wing” motif that lets new Opel vehicles be distinguishable during nighttime.

The dynamic 21-inch wheels have been aerodynamically optimized by means of carbon-fiber inserts which surround the center caps.

Purposeful Driver’s Cockpit

Reflecting the bodywork’s flowing and sculpted forms, the trademarks of the GTC Paris Concept interior are the flowing lines and shapes plus its bold application of fabric. The driver-focused interior comes with contrasting colors.

The red driver’s seat has black trimming while the rest of the interior components are finished in charcoal black and have red stitching. The car was inspired by a quote from the novel of Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, with “…and the speed was pure beauty” in calligraphy script laser-etched into the seat.

The Opel GTC Paris Concept is available with exclusively designed sporty, bucket front seats. Their purposefully shaped contours plus graphics perfectly match the general dynamic spirit of the vehicle with titanium defining the outer edge then filled with black netting, reflecting the same design cue on the wheels’ carbon fiber inserts.

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