Renault to introduce a driving licence-free Twizy in the UK in 2013

Article by Christian A., on April 6, 2012

The UK government is finalizing the details of a new light-vehicle category that enables 16-year-olds to drive without a license. Renault is preparing to launch a 28mph-max Twizy 45 in the UK in 2013 to benefit from this new rule. According to Andy Heiron, the EV program chief at Renault UK, the new type-approval category would begin in January 2013.

It includes quadricycles that have a limited 28mph top speed and have a lower weight than 350kg unladen. Heiron said that before the new rule could be implemented, a basic practical and theory test has to be conducted and the issue of insurance has to be resolved too.

Heiron said that insurance companies have so far given estimates that drivers younger than 18 may have to pay premiums of as high as £4000 but this figure declines significantly with age. In the UK, the Twizy 45 will be priced at around £6200.

Renault didn’t make any predictions on the sales of its electric cars but Heiron made a confession that Nissan Leaf sales are indicative of a “fundamental problem” with electric car sales.

It accounts for 60% of the pure-electric market but this only translates to about 1,000 cars in the UK. Nissan has been considering the possibility of battery hire in order to lessen the purchase price.

The introduction of the Twizy from Renault signals the start of what can be called as the all-electric revolution given that its two-seater is not only innovative but one that is comfortable and offers protection.

Daring but fun, the Twizy is also revitalizing and open. Indeed, this model is more than ready to do its part in electrifying the city. Considering that this model was developed from the ground up to be an ultra-mobile, there is no wonder why this new upstart is expected to change the motoring world. Renault has long been known to be the pioneer of this segment and by far remains to be the sole automaker to market a wide and unique lineup of electric vehicles that are affordable.

This includes the Fluence Z.E. and the Kangoo Z.E. The Twizy will be joining this excellent range towards the end of summer and will be joined by ZOE. Considered as a UDO, or Unidentified Driving Object, the Twizy presents itself as the best mobility solution for urban area given that many large cities continue to be plagued with congestion issues. Similar to the Twingo, and even the Espace, this latest offering is able to meet the needs of motorists even at launch.

The new Twizy not only brings with it a new architecture but it has everything one could expect from a Renault model. Indeed, while there are standards that continue to be considered as universal, there remain to be iconic concepts that many others copy. There are also others that are nearing production. This is where the Espace, Scénic, and Twingo, became well-known.

Given that the Twizy is around 2 years ahead of the others, it likely belongs to the latter. Developed by none other than Renault Sport Technologies, the Twizy will be created at the brand’s facility located in Valladolid, Spain. It was sold to customers through the Renault network starting March 15, 2012, having a tax-paid price starting at €6,990. There is no doubt that the new Renault Twizy is a revolution in urban transport and is able to offer free-moving mobility in addition to comfort and safety.

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