Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept: new photos released

Article by Christian Andrei, on February 21, 2012

Rinspeed uses new images and videos to give the public a clearer idea of what its “backpack on wheels" concept is about before it makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 6. This is a major improvement over its previous release of two pictures of the model. The Rinspeed Dock+Go Concept is based on a two-seater electric smart fortwo that has received a docking station at the rear so that it could carry an additional battery pack or more cargo.

This innovation with the docking station is how the axle linked to the third row of wheels charges the battery so that the electric smart could get a longer range on one charge. This third axle also drives the rotating second axle so that the smart's onboard battery could be recharged too. This docking station is available in several pack types depending on the user's needs.

Rinspeed made one that’s meant to be a Pizza delivery vehicle and so it gets a built-in isothermal box. In addition, Rinspeed presented a pack that converts the smart car into a pickup truck. However, it’s probable that the option that will get the most interest is the sound pack. Harman, a multimedia and infotainment specialist, installed a high-end sound solution that’s sure to appeal to the younger crowd. Rinspeed has prepared separate videos for these packs.

The design of any vehicle begins with the automotive driver’s dreams wrapped up in the purpose behind it, the strength of its ideals and the power of its technology. These philosophies embody the key principle, founder Frank M Rinderknecht has said of his vehicles.

A car is not just a device it must create an emotional connection with its owner in order to really succeed. By harnessing the latest in technological achievements, it is possible for vehicles to become more than something which make life easier. They can help redefine it. And the Dock+Go does this.

With all manner of patents currently going through the Swiss courts, the Dock+Go is a concept car with a lot of ideas and has been assisted in this regard by a number of corporations and a small but dedicated team of experts all working to Rinderknecht's key principles.

Studying the Dock+Go reveals a finish not unlike ice crystals which has been designed by AkzoNobel. These features include Goodyear's low-rolling resistance tires which are available in 205/40-17 and have been set on 7.5 inch AEZ rims. The rims come with silver covers and are set on red fasteners. The sides are highlighted at night with a chrome-blue accent which was designed and developed by Lumitec, this development is possible due to an electroluminescent 3D-flexible film.

The front grille has been replaced with the “Identiface” display surface which allows drivers to display anything from Facebook pages, offers of a ride to a destination to news, or the manufacturing information. This is possible because of the internet connection and a front grille which serves no purpose on an electric vehicle.

The interior of the Dock+Go is predominantly black and red. It has great insulation due to the high-tech Schoeller fibres which means the vehicle remains comfortable no matter the season. Gaenslen & Völter are responsible for the fabrics and thanks to their designs, they are incredibly comfortable. Man-made materials have been used for the plastic segments and the synthetic leather has been supplied by the company Hornschurch. Meanwhile, Studer is responsible for the grass inlays, the transparent roof and many of the additional interior materials inside the vehicle including 12.1 inch monitor.

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