Rumor: Lamborghini Estoque Convertible coming in 2014

Article by Christian Andrei, on July 25, 2011

The next Lamborghini supercar that will enter production is believed to be the Lamborghini Estoque, which was unveiled at the 2008 Paris Motor show. It’s expected to have a 2014 release.

The new model appears to have evolved from an earlier version of the Lamborghini Espada, which is the company’s first four-door model ever in its history. A convertible version will be launched as a concept in 2015 model and it will start production in 2016.

The “Estoque” model name is taken from the spade used by matadors. The Estoque will target supercar enthusiasts and those who want a supersport four-door luxury sedan. This four-door supercar goes up against the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide.

According to, Lamborghini has gotten access to a considerable number of technologies from the Audi A8. There’s even a chance that the Estoque would be offered with a hybrid drive-train designed for Audi A8 very soon. This four-door sport sedan is expected to be more luxurious than its rivals, which means that it will be more expensive. It is expected that this beautiful four door supercar is priced at about $230.000.

For Automobili Lamborghini, the first sedan in its history would be the Lamborghini Estoque. However, it may not be as simple as that considering that the term “sedan” generally refers to the number of doors.

To say that it is a sports sedan is still not giving it justice. Consider the fact that in addition to having a distinct technology package, it also comes with a precision-tuned and cutting chassis, a permanent all-wheel drive, and powerful front mid-engine.

The best description then would be that it manages to set a new classification as it relates to super sports sedans. While the brand has been known to follow the Sant' Agata design principle and the Estoque provides a new interpretation of this. This is seen on the vehicle’s concept like the self-confident and graceful lines.

Concept-wise, the Estoque symbolizes what the brand is all about which is being a casual Gran Turismo and dedicated sports car. Though it does have four doors and the same number of individual sport seats, much like a sedan, it remains to be a multi-faceted vehicle that can meet multi-faceted lifestyles.

Indeed, the Estoque is more than a perfect partner. It is a good option whether going on a weekend trip with the family, going for a swing on the golf course, enjoying the theater, or on the way to a business meeting. It is the only vehicle that not only makes sure that one enjoys the pleasure of driving a Lamborghini, it also allows for it to be shared to a special person or the entire family.

Even with all the people inside, there is enough space to store some golf bags or luggage for a weekend trip. The amount of space is a surprise considering that the height is at 4.43 feet (1.35 meters). The reason for this is the long wheelbase which allows for a sporty and comfortable seating position even if the front mid-engine is placed rearwards. Ingress and egress to the cabin is simple considering the large and wide-opening doors.

As mentioned, the Estoque is a pure sports car with precise handling, superior power delivery, and strong engine sound. One can easily drive through a winding road on the mountains followed by a more enjoyable and relaxed trip on the highway. This vehicle comes with good authority on a wide-range of driving spectrum that includes even the highest of levels.

With this type of versatility, it is clear that the Estoque is the best addition to the brand’s range of super sports cars. At present, the elegance of the Lamborghini brand is exemplified by the successes that have been enjoyed by its two sports cars which are the Gallardo and the Murciélago. The Estoque also hopes to show that it does have the design, creativity, and innovation the brand is known for. It will be exhibiting this in Paris.

The brand hopes that the Estoque, even as a concept, hints at a third model series in the brand’s line-up of products. Currently, there is still no confirmation regarding a third model series of the Estoque or any concept for that matter. As part of Lamborghini, it is clear that the Estoque carries a powerful name with a very rich history of the Spanish Corrida - bull fighting. In the world of bull fighting, an estoque is a rapier, or a type of sword, with a length of around 35.43 inches (90 centimeters), and is used by the Matador against the bulls.

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