Smart ForTwo Cdi is the “Overall Best MPG” winner at the 2011 MPG Marathon

Article by Christian Andrei, on October 13, 2011

The legendary smart fortwo cdi was given the “Overall Best MPG” award at the exclusive ALD Automotive Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon 2011. The smart reported an incredible 99.24mpg -- the most economical outcome ever recorded in the 11-year history of the competition.

Eco driving champion Mick Linford and co-driver Ella Flynn steered the smart through more than 370.9 miles of challenging roads around Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and Somerset for two days. The smart cdi has won the MPG on all three instances it has been entered, and constantly with “Eco Mick” at the wheel.

In this year’s assessment, the smart cdi was 12.84mpg more efficient compared to its closest competitor. Rough weather and powerful winds made driving situations very difficult, as explained by Mick.

He narrated that he was "determined to break the magical 100mpg mark this year," but the weather "and one particularly hilly section" was against them. "To get so close is a double-edged sword," he remarked. However, he said he was "delighted" that the smart delivered "incredible results" regardless of the challenges.

With carbon dioxide emissions at only 86g/km, the economical 54bhp smart cdi turned out to be the best option for the two-day challenge that illustrates how eco-driving can improve safety, considerably decrease fuel expenses and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Managing Director Mercedes-Benz Cars -- Gary Savage -- commented that to win the challenge "for three years on the trot is an exceptional result," adding that it is more than 15 percent better compared to the official combined fuel consumption figure of 85.6mpg.

Smart Fortwo’s latest entry was introduced in the autumn of 2010. Smart developed a new look for its interiors and came up with eco-friendly engine and stunning new exterior designs.

The exciting everyday vehicle also has new colours to choose from. It’s even available with the stylish matte paint finish on the latest model. Moreover, Smart Fortwo’s tridion safety cell can be availed in colour white, while the cabrio soft stop is offered in the new red or blue shades.

Smart also gives more choices for the alloy wheels as well as the LED daytime driving lights to make room for customisation. As for the interior, Smart Fortwo continues to impress its consumers with new designs, colours and fabrics.

The everyday commuter car has the advanced entertainment systems and communication technology to make the ride more relaxing. They even employed the new cockpit design to go with its 45 and 52kW smart engine with less than 100g/km CO2 emissions.

Marc Langenbrinck (Smart Managing Director) thinks that the latest generation two-seater economy car came at the right moment. The new Smart Fortwo is stylish and has impeccable quality materials and engines that obviously add more functionality and comfort to the owners.

At this time, the exterior is offered in seven different colours. The new shades come in light blue metallic and light green (with matte finish). The former model only has a total of six colours, one of which is the metallic blue in a different shade. Moreover, buyers can now request for further customisation and body colour to be applied on the fuel filler cap, rear apron, side skirts and front spoiler.

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