Tesla Model S is amazing, according to journalists

Article by Christian A., on July 17, 2012

The reviews for Tesla Motors’ have been spectacular. Last year, CEO Elon Musk had announced that it will set a goal for the Model S to be the electric car that can be the best car in the world. Tesla had recently permitted a few auto journalists to drive around in the battery electric sedan. One tester said that its performance is more like that of the Lambo.

The comments made about the Model S include The Wall Street Journal, which said that this vehicle is “hard-core amazing.” Meanwhile, Autoweek's Davey G. Johnson said that Tesla's thin, flat battery pack has to have a center of gravity that’s as low as that of a Ford GT's.

Los Angeles Times: However, Johnson thinks that when the Model S was being designed, it somehow failed to provide map pockets, bottle holders and second-row cupholders.

He added that the first thing that becomes obvious when pressing the throttle on the 85 kWh test is its acceleration, he told Automotive news. Motor Trend said that the Model S goes faster than most Porsches and would be flatter than the roadwill but without the tires getting damaged.

Perhaps it is right to call the Tesla Model S electric sedan as an engineering breakthrough in the automotive world. It could travel the farthest among electric vehicles and even boasts of earning the highest possible safety ratings. Its impressive combination of performance, safety, and efficiency makes the Tesla Model S a groundbreaking car, which improves as time goes by thanks to over-the-air software updates.

The new Model S is underpinned by Tesla’s unique architecture or platform, allowing it to offer an interestingly unique performance even better than other conventional cars. For instance, the battery pack for the Model S is located on the floor, which helps lower the car’s center of gravity – a configuration that could improve the car’s performance and handling as well as reduce the risk of rollover. The location of the electric drivetrain beneath the car also helps in lowering its center of gravity. Since the Tesla Model S has no engine on its front bay, its crumple zone is much larger than other performance sedans, which means it could do better in absorbing and mitigating front end impacts.

These are just some of the designed safety elements of the Tesla Model S that allowed the EV to earn the highest ratings possible from both the NHTSA in the United States and Euro NCAP in Europe. Likewise, the Model S set a new record of having the lowest likelihood of passenger injury when tested in the US.

These designed safety elements are backed up by an array of standard active safety features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection and collision warning, as well as lane departure warning. Tesla is also offering a number of optional convenience features like autosteer, autopark and summon, as well as traffic-aware cruise control.

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