Tesla Model S Signature model already sold out

Article by Christian A., on June 7, 2012

The $105,400 price tag of the Tesla Model S Signature Performance model may be daunting but it is already sold out, according to the company. It is priced nearly as much as the discontinued Roadster. The electric sedan is almost double the price of the base model but it appears that this hasn’t dimmed the appeal of this model from the luxury electric vehicle maker.

While other EV makers are struggling, Tesla stands out as the startup that is doing well even when it isn’t affiliated with a much bigger brand. According to Tesla’s Web site, customers could still make a deposit on the entry-level Model S, which has a starting price of $57,400. However, it’s the top-of the-range model that isn’t available anymore.

Tesla will begin deliveries of the high-end version on June 22 but customers who chose the less expensive variant will have to wait until the fall for their vehicles. The new configurator explains the wide difference between the Model S and the Signature Performance edition.

Presently, Tesla is focused on high-end sales with cars similar to the Roadster, but offering a lower-cost version could allow it to shift toward larger-scale production. This decision would most probably be determined by the sales of the more affordable Model S.

It’s likely that these sales will rely on what the consumer gets without paying for premium options. Upon close examination of the features that Tesla is offering, it appears that there isn’t much that could be gotten for that price.

What’s offered as standard is the least competent 40 kWh battery while it costs $20,000 to upgrade to the 85 kWh battery. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of interior packages.

For example, Tesla is offering a tech package that costs $3,750. These include the xenon headlamps, electrochromatic side mirrors, LED fog lamps, a high-definition backup camera, and navigation with a seven-year subscription.

Considered as the first sedan to run solely on electricity, the Tesla Model S is a good case study of how automotive engineering can still be evolved. Running the Model S are two motors placed at both ends. Further, the Model S is able to control the amount of torque that goes to the front wheels and the rear wheels independently and digitally. Because of this, the Model S is able to experience traction control that is truly unmatched, no matter the condition.

While many standard AWD vehicles generally increase traction at the expense of fuel efficiency, the Electric AWD system of the brand does the opposite and instead increases the efficiency.

The Model S though is not just about performance and efficiency but safety as well. By having the highest possible safety ratings, it has managed to change how customers view 21st century cars. Utilizing its own unique platform, Tesla was able to come up with a distinct drivetrain that allowed it to be placed beneath. As a result, the Model S has a low center of gravity lowering the possibility of a rollover from occurring.

Of course, it goes without saying that it improves performance and handling as well. Further, since there is no engine, this meant that compared to other performance sedans on the market, the Model S is able to offer a larger crumple zone that can better absorb any energy should a front end impact ever happen. With 5-star safety ratings from both NHTSA and the Euro NCAP, it is no wonder then that Tesla is saying that the Model S is one of the safety cars to ever hit the road.

Not only that, the Model S was tested in the U.S. and the result was that it managed to set a new record in relation to showing the lowest chances of injuring an occupant. It helps that this offering from Tesla also has a number of active safety features that have been fitted as standard. Examples include automatic emergency braking, blind spot detection, collision warning, and lane departure warning.

Customers can also avail of the optional features like autopark, autosteer, traffic-aware cruise control, and summon, to name a few. Making the Model S even better is that it offers the longest range possible for an electric vehicle and with the availability of over-the-air software updates, it just becomes better and better.

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